Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



Did you know Architect has its own logo? (see @mandog) Why not incorporate it?



Yes, but that’s more of an Arch-Architect logo, but I will make a Manjaro version of it, thanks for the suggestion.


Something more colourful for the Easter. Candy asteroids.


Manjaro-Architect logo


So you are willing to take requests? Because I’m trying to theme a Manjaro background off of the background I’m using for Windows.


Sure, go ahead.


That’s the background I’m using. Something similar to that with the logo being white and the colors being in the stripes. I hope that’s not too much of a bother. Thank you!


Ok, so it’s not exactly the same but this what I came up with so far (I left out the corners because I don’t think that really suits the main theme).

Let me know if you’d like the stripes more weathered or any other modifications.


That looks awesome! Is there anyway you could make the stripes the color of Manjaro? Like green and turquoise and such? And maybe a bit more weathered? If that’s too much work then don’t worry about it.


Sure, no probs. I just though I’d ask what you thought so far. Also, let me know if you’d prefer a different size than 1920x1080.


The size is perfect. And leaving out the corner lines was an awesome choice. Thank you so much man. I really like your work


I am now also interested in this wallpaper…
May I propose an edition with a greyish (numix?) bg color ? And/or possibly texture ?


Downloaded this one. Thanks!


Ok, so this is with more weather and more Manjaro colours.

I used manjaro-green and maia-green at the top and bottom, orange from the default wallpaper and some blue to balance it all out.


Here it is, with grey textured backround. Is this something you had in mind?

I had to scale it down because it got bigger than 1MB, you can find the full resolution version here:


That looks awesome. Thank you so so much!


I lost the xcf so one last version before moving on.

Smaller stripes and centered logo


I ended up downloading the grey textured one. It looks great on my desktop. Thank you so much.


Yep thats what I meant :smiley:


Two more for LXDE (fyi @Thanos_Apostolou)