Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)

Been enjoying these designs for most of the life of the thread. Really excellent work! :tada:

My grub even looks less grubby with one of these as background. :slight_smile:

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After all the greyness, here’s something lighter and more colourful, inspired by the design of ice-cream parlours.

(sugar is bad for you, though :wink:)


Is there a trace template of the logo anywhere

The logo had one extra cut in the past and seems to have been abandoned?

you can find the current logo in /usr/share/icons/manjaro

One more for the scientifically inclined


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For the even more scientifically inclined you could do a wallpaper containing
Where H_manjaro means H subscript manjaro.

In quantum mechanics this means that Simplicity is a constant in the evolution of Manjaro. :grin:


Or those that scan


Wait, for me “H subscript manjaro” means (I used Google Translate from Italian so I can be wrong) an “H” with “manjaro” written in the low-right corner with a smaller font. :joy:
Graphically I suggest some spaces like
[ H_manjaro , Simplicity ] = 0
Without spaces it’s a little too ‘compact’.

If I can also choose a style, I like very much the minimal grey style of these wallpaper. :heart_eyes:

Seem i have lost this tread :confused: , wonderfull wallpapers i like it :grinning:

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superscript vs subscript:

You’re welcome. Since I am also not a native-speaker of English, I was interested myself what the right vocabulary was. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m going to use it! :grinning:
Can I also have the SVG file, if you have one? So in the future I can change colour or modify it “in the right way”.

Thanks a lot!

When I started this thread I was just getting familiar with Gimp and I thought I’d make some wallpapers and share them here. I wasn’t doing it for the likes or to get to a certain number, though, I was making them because it made me happy. I didn’t expect this to grow this big, but three months and 100 wallpapers later I have to say it’s been a great run.

Thanks to all of you for your likes and support, they meant a lot.
(And thanks to the forum admins, too, for letting me post all of this here).

So here it is, number 100:

And with this it’s also time to finish this thread, it’s been running for long enough.
See you in volume 2.


Say it ain’t so, Joe!

P.S. What happens when I click the “manjaro” button above?


looks like a button on blue leather car seat
like recaro only faster :slight_smile:

Can u tell me where i find the molecular system info extension?

wow bro this is awesome art, thanks i just download and use it in my laptop anyway :slight_smile:

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