Manjaro vs Windows 10

Good morning, afternoon or evening whenever you are, I have a doubt about Manjaro Gnome and Windows 10.

I bought a Laptop/tablet and installed Manjaro because I have Manjaro on my desktop but someone told me Linux is not the best option for laptops due to battery usage, well I’d like to read your opinion about it.

By the way, I installed

personally, I’ve never noticed a problem. I have read that Linux has higher discharge rate, but as I’ve never bothered to compare Windows and Linux discharge rates I don’t know, and I’ve never used Windows on a Laptop.

It lasts long enough for me.

It varies, cannot just be pointed Linux. Even the same distro with different DE can result in different battery usage. Basically, the standard battery capacity / power consumption formula applies. You want longer battery life, try to reduce power consumption. Starting from enabling hardware based power management via TLP / LMT, disable unused services, use powersave (or better, schedutil) CPU governor and so on. Manjaro’s default should be quite well balanced between power consumption and performance, as Manjaro is also preshipped in certain laptops.

That depends on how your system is built, your usage and how you configure the system and that is the same whether you use Windows or Linux.

I have had and still have a collection of laptops - one of them is a cheap Yeap laptop - built using tablet components - it works the whole day - only slightly discharged.

I have a ThinkPad T550 with two batteries and I haven’t been able to wear it down on a full day’s work.

I have Clevo 141 - almost the same - so brand (components), configuration and how you use it.

Even your choice of theme may have an impact (light or dark)

When comparing the two systems, I considered Manjaro to be more user-friendly and simpler to conduct business with.