Manjaro vs openSUSE Tumbleweed

Manjaro is rock solid. But that’s not really the point. The most important thing is that manjaro is one of the most compatible linux distros. If you have some new hardware it just works (or it’s very easy to setup). If you need some software you are very likely to find it in the repos or in the aur.

You were. The only safe reliable way to do TW upgrades [as they call them, not updates] is NOT via YaST [that’s really only safe for Leap] & NOT via the KDE System Tray Updater widget [ditto], but in cli with zypper:
sudo zypper dup
or, for those anal retentives like me who like to see more detail prior to doing it:
sudo zypper -vvv dup
Prior to the 20170708 snapshot, one needed to do:
sudo zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change


I have been using, & revelling in, Manjaro KDE on my Tower & Lappy since November last year. For 5-6 months prior, both PCs ran oS TW KDE. That was my first ever rolling release, & my first distro beyond the Debian/Ubuntu derivative world, so my learning curve was very steep, & i made lots of initial errors, but hey, ain’t a borked system simply oodles o’ fun?

I fell in love with KDE in early 2014, in Mint 17 KDE4 [EDIT: Actually first it was Mint 16, then later 17]. Since Plasma5, I have tested KDE in Mint, Kubuntu, Neon, Maui, Fedora, KaOS, yada yada. but up until that time oS TW gave me by a large margin the best, most stable P5 experience of all the others. It was then i realised that [IMO] the Ubuntu 16.04 base [on which most of those others were based] was, um, Not Great… lots of things small & large would constantly malfunction in them. In contrast oS TW KDE was, once i stopped borking it, very solid, reliable, dependable.

Eventually though i grew weary of the amount of system maintenance i needed to do with TW [daily or every other day dup’s of a GB, followed of course by reboot, became tedious & just far too disruptive for me]. Also, whilst there’s some great documentation buried in the oS site, IMO very large amounts of it are obsolete but there’s no way to see at a glance that it’s obsolete [somehow you just have to “know”]. The forum was very good & has some staggeringly savvy senior users there, who were helpful a lot, but somehow the vibe i perceived was one more of functionality than personality, utility over warmth… that’s perfectly ok, but i suppose this also wore me down a bit over time. Most of all though, i found the Repo management paradigm used there staggeringly complex & easy to get wrong [resulting in major dependency conflicts which then easily leads to a broken system for the unwary or unwise, eg, moi].

So i emphatically rate oS TW KDE as excellent, but one needs to be willing to keep up a certain sustained effort behind the scenes. My search for alternatives lead me to Manjaro, last Nov, & it just blew me away with its overall goodness. Its P5 deployment is at least as good as TW, though i now sincerely believe it’s actually better. Its documentation is superb, forum is superb, repo & package management superb. When i found Manjaro KDE, i found my distro home.


This is a terrific forum and while not the most active out there, I’ve encountered some very knowledgeable folks who are ready to help. Of course, with Linux comes a few ppl who are somewhat fed up with seeing the same questions over and over again, and will not be shy about it, but you get that everywhere.

I have been incredibly impressed with manjaro. I used to run SuSE but that was a long time ago. My overall impression was that I liked where they were trying to go, but always felt that things were a bit clunky and not fully baked. I had a lot of issues getting things working the way I liked. But I’ll repeat, that was years ago, 2008 or so.

I have to ask - is there an objection to Debian based distros, eg Kubuntu? I know it’s not rolling release but there’s a new release coming in April or May and it has a large user base. I’d think it’s worth a look.


Well i won’t generalise, i’ll merely personalise… for me, Kubuntu 16.04 was the exact opposite of oS TW KDE & Manjaro KDE. Whereas the latter two gave/give me the best P5 experience, Kubuntu gave me by a country mile the worst, most unstable, most frustrating P5 experience. K18 would have to be light-years different to K16 before i’d be willing to try it again.

Similar topic, just not comparing to OpenSUSE, but lots of good reasons contained within to choose Manjaro … :slight_smile:

Oops–nailed me.

Sorry guys, it’s not that so much as the pain pushes me beyond what is normally a very tolerable limit and I get brashy, trashy, and rude. That, and a shitty autocorrect. When I do that be sure to call me on it, please. Fortunately (for you all) I have a couple minders here (lookin’ at you @eugen-b) who do for my posts what I wish, beg, plead someone would do with fuckin’ Donald J. Trump’s tweets.

My sincere apologies to you and the countless others I have pestered here for years. By the way, I learn so much from you, really. In the “old days” of Linux none of us users knew ■■■■. But we found out what works. We didn’t now why, just that if we did A, B, C, whatever, it worked. That was us desktop users, and we were all new at it. That’s why now I get to enjoy learning what goes on behind the scenes, the code, the scripting, everything that so many of you younger users seem to inculcate so easily. It really is a joy learning from you all.

Oh yeah, and so’s to not make this Off-Topic, I ran SuSE many years ago and I would take Manjaro KDE over anything SuSE outputs today. IMHO, they have “failed to change with the times.” They are no longer a user-centric distribution.



Obviously depends what you want. If you are just looking for something straight forward for home usage then this distro is fine. If you’re interested in new file systems, security features, some of the custom tools Opensuse offers and other computer science aspects then Tumbleweed preferably LEAP is fine.

Suse says it all
The makers' choice for sysadmins, developers and desktop users.
I would use it over Arch based for a work place environment but same argument could be made for RHEL and fedora. Unless you’re a sysadmin or developer don’t know how much wow you will get.

:hugs: BTRFS

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Don’t never apologise for saying things how they are that is putting yourself down and just lowering the bar for for others.
Your posts are witty and always worth reading.
Its not your problem Some users are confrontational and 2 damn spoilt and lazy to read, just demand others do the work for them.
Just be you my man.
On topic Opensuse and fedora are still stuck in the 90s on many points NON FREE software has to be found, Nvidia non free sometimes works sometime the system system just breaks when you install them. Suse has good polish some good system tools but its not a user desktop in anyway shape or form, Its designed for office administration and excels that way,


Ubuntu (and derivatives) 16.04 was a mess. The first point release was considerably better. Now, at 16.04.3, it’s a stable option; recommendable as an install and forget OS.

I’m not sure about TW I’ve only used it once and not for that long. I hear others that Love it. but it’s not for me. Manjaro or kdeneon are the two that are in my opinion most up to date Kde experience you can get , but as others have said you need to try it for awhile and see if it suits your needs and feels right to you. No one else can really make that choice for you.
Good luck in your searching. and please to come back once you’ve decided not matter which way it goes and let us know how your making out :slight_smile:

I try but it is anything but easy seeing myself as others do. I was totally aghast not too long ago reviewing a short video of myself among friends IRL, joking and having fun, and my every utterance sounded like I was barking orders. Since I was raised in a military environment and was at the receiving end of most of it, exposing others to what I endured is not what I consider my highest and best use.

So if I come home from a bad day, week, life and upon review “discover” it is very apparent I’ve been assholey to those I care about most in my life–including those binary friends–I feel guilt and shame. And when others rightfully call me on it–or the mantel is obvious enough to assume–then it is my duty to respond accordingly. :smiley:

Thanks old friend. You I know I can never truly insult, but I’d never really try to do so anyway. You old mutherhumping sod.



Install Netrunner Rolling, based on Manjaro.

Calculate Linux distributes a very nice, well-tooled Plasma Desktop, I thought.

Especially for the younger crowd. It’s a binary distribution with mostly sources-based packages, but the real fun lies in compiling the whole…yeah, it’s for the younger crowd. :smiley:

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cOOter - it’s well understood and it’s frustrating, but it’s all good. And you have a classic Linux Beard™️ So that goes a long way :slight_smile: If I ever ask a dumb question it was unintentional. I try to google the hell out of any issues I have, and generally figure it out. Sometimes not though :wink:

A guy I know on an astronomy forum I frequent has a ton of canned, sometimes extremely lengthy, responses he posts for noobs. I always found them irritating but in retrospect they’re probably invaluable to new astronomers. So he’s got like 800 posts in 15 months but I think he’s well regarded as a result.

You could be that guy. . .

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I hate to contradict you Eugene, but once bitten twice shy. I used netrunner rolling for a fair while and loved it. Until they dropped support for their Manjaro version and went with Ubuntu. I see on their downloads page that a Manjaro based version is available for download again. However I would never use it again, and I would never recommend it to others after dropping support for it with little advance notice.

The reason I use a rolling release is because I want my distro to last a long time. I invest a huge amount of time customizing my system. I then make lots of images and backups on a regular basis to maintain my system perfectly the way I want it. After all the time I spent tuning my system perfectly, poof, dropped like a hot potato. Never again, for netrunner. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Go with a distro with some commitment behind it.

Now that Manjaro is almost #1 on Distrowatch they’re jumping back on the bandwagon again. Lame :-1:

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had the same issue back then. would never ever use netrunner again

Personally, Manjaro ran rings around OpenSUSE last time I tried it, but I am the first to admit I only spent a couple of weeks with it during my distro hopping walkabout phase.

LOL, so it only took 2 years …


So what? Have you lost any data? Were you not able to update anymore? Any distro can stop anytime - in that case the user has to say thanks for the good time and find another one. But not needed with Netrunner Rolling since it mostly uses Manjaro packages.

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