Manjaro vs Arch linux cpu temperatures

I use a Dell Inspiron 15 5510 as a daily driver. I noticed that the cpu temperatures in my Manjaro Installation range from 32-37 and can be as low as 28.
In an Arch linux system the temperatures range is 5-10 degrees Celcius higher (eg. 42-47).
Does Manjaro use a power management plan or is something wrong with my integrated intel gpu and my nvidia card drivers in Arch linux?
In both systems I use the latest Linux kernel and same DE.

Thank you very much

Manjaro still uses TLP for this by default.

In Arch - you’d have to install and configure that yourself, if you want power management and decide to have TLP or some other alternative to it.

Pacman -Qs tlp gives nothing but powertop is installed.
However when tried tlp, powertop or cpufreq in Arch I noticed no difference

tlp by itself - without configuring it - won’t help you much
or perhaps it will
depends on it’s defaults

better adjust them to your actual present hardware

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With Arch Linux you build from ground up - adding in what you deem necessary.

You can recreate a similiar install on Arch Linux by using the packagelists you find in the root of your Manjaro system.

The instructions for recreating a Manjaro ISO can be replicated on an Arch System.

The package liste will have to be amended and packages unique to Manjaro removed before applying this on an Arch system.

Higher CPU temp usually stems from more aggressive CPU governor. While I have no idea what’s the default, please use schedutil everywhere, it’s just so much better than anything else, be it ondemand, powersave or performance. It is how ondemand should be IMO.

The problem must be with the Nvidia GPU … it is 10 degrees higher in Arch …