Manjaro vs Antergos

for beginners who used only Windows - Manjaro because user can install/uninstall kernel or drivers in GUI for more advanced users or user who want have full control - Antergos because is closer to clean arch (repo, quick updates, clean arch kernel, no GUI programs user must edit config files)


Manjaro for two obvious reasons.

Manjaro keep holds all the new version of the apps, packages and tests them first. Once the team is satisfied, only then it is released to public, as opposed to Antergos/Arch, they are released to the wild and sometimes they break things. I think Antergos is true bleeding edge but less stable compared to Manjaro. I think manjaro’s repos are maintained well

Installing Antergos is pain. Their installer downloads and updates all the packages on they fly, before installing. Their Cnchi Installer is pretty brittle and not stable. Out of 5 tries I did 3 times Cnchi downloaded around 700-1G updated packages and broke. It’s a shame. Think about the countries where Internet is not stable and the bandwidth is limited and not cheap. On the other hand, Manjaro can be installed without internet and it’s installer both Thus and Calamares are pretty stable in normal scenarios.

On the other hand, even offline installation of Antergos is broken and is painful to install for new users.


The dealbreaker for me with Antergos is that they do not TEST things before release. I tried them because they got some hype when the claimed their installer “supported” installing the root filesystem to ZFS. It only kinda/sorta worked and frequently broke (unbootably!) with updates–one time just due to a typo in a DKMS config file.

Isn’t a beginner’s/ IT layperson’s/ lazyperson’s distribution is supposed to test things before release? If they don’t, you might as well just run Arch because it is easier (in the long run) to configure things yourself than cope with someone else’s mistakes.


When using ZFS the user needs to know not to upgrade the kernel if the extramodules aren’t ready.


Well, this thread is only for general discussion. Please tell me some basic differences between these two OS’s as they both are a derivative of Arch Linux. Well, I was in Antergos two months ago and when the Gnome 2.26 update came, it messed with my Antergos OS mate version because of conflicting with the gtk3 . Then I realized I need a more stable one but little close to Arch. Although the updates from Manjaro come little slower than Antergos but despite of this, I totally shifted to Manjaro forever.

Your thoughts please :slight_smile:

Making a search no?


Not to sounds mean or anything, but there are multiple threads about this and in my opinion they’re all pointless. Antergos and Manjaro are different systems with different ideas behind them. This only makes for long threads full of opinions based on “but my PC this that…” and “but you’re wrong, because I disagree…”.

You switched. You seem happy. That’s all that matters


What is better: an apple or an orange? Or maybe a pear?


This is a Manjaro forum, so, eeehhh, Manjaro.

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Not valid. Pears are definitely, scientifically proven to be, a lot tastier than apples, let alone oranges.:grin:


Adding the BlackArch repository to Manjaro is considered a fruit salad?

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My first few months in Linux I was distrohopping. After I found Manjaro this stopped. I’m done switching and trying to learn new things. I don’t care how much Antegros or any other distro may be better, closer to Arch or whatever else… As long as I like Manjaro I’m staying with Manjaro.

That being said, I have one tiny 32 bit laptop size of tablet, good for travel, that I had to find replacement for it and I found it in Void which I like also. So now I’m trying to learn more about these two: Manjaro and Void. (systemd and non-systemd) And that’s plenty of new learning for me. I don’t need nor want anything else… :wink:
Good luck to all Antegros (and other distros) users :slight_smile:



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is just very subjective :slight_smile: Manjaro is manjaro, sure both is arch-based but what is similarity? pacman and some arch way, later it stop to compare… if Manjaro works for you, i should not bother… is very subjective…

I am curious - what makes you say that? About GNOME specifically.

Thanks - I’m at work and can’t really watch/listen to it at the moment. I’ll give it a look when I get home.

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Ok, I watched it. Who is it?

Manjaro vs WORLD.
sometimes MHWD and/or Grubby can be a race against time in this Manjaro Arch based world, but hey, it is what it is.
…and now I’m gonna duck away.

I never thought I’d have someone on the Manjaro forums flat out telling me that Antergos is superior with GNOME. I guess I am intrigued. I will give it a whirl.

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