Manjaro Virtual Box -- It's like National Treasure

The KERNEL-virtualbox-guest-module contains only vboxsf lib.

The rest is kernel supported.

And no - VMSVGA do not work as well as setting the VBoxSVGA before launching the installer. And you are right - it is the graphics driver which is the culprit - and the best result comes from selecting the correct device before installing.

Believe me - I speak of experience - if you do not use VBoxSVGA your screen resolution needs to be set manually using the given editions settings manager or using xrandr. And it will cause you a great deal of grief.

The issue was driving me crazy during finalizing the last ISO and I was strongly compelled to include the advise.

So there is no need for KERNEL-headers and dkms.

If you need the extra goodies then install the Oracle extension pack.

pamac build virtualbox-ext-oracle

That's true, but it's not much of a problem if you don't need/want automatic resizing.

Also true. Both vboxvideo and vmwgfx are provided by the kernel.

I'm under the impression that VMSVGA has slightly better performance but I could be wrong there. You can also use VBoxVGA (without the "S") which supports automatic resizing as well.

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Indeed - but given that VM with Manjaro boots to 800x600 - not knowing you do not have automatic resize is frustrating as the Calamares installer on most editions defaults to fixed size window - making it hard to reach certain buttons when the installer is past step 1 :slight_smile:

I know - I was pretty frustrated until I read the log in the vm's /var/logs/mhwd.log

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If you ran the three commands in the wiki that will install the guest additions, you don't need to to do much else.

Well....this is your problem. This is vmware emulation. As the wiki describes, you should use VBoxVGA or VBoxSVGA and select "Enable 3D Acceleration"

There is a nice tutorial somewhere In Spanish, I followed it it runs virtualbox in Manjaro flawlessly. Look for it & send you the link 8f I can find it

So, by setting graphics default to VBoxSVGA now the systems just hangs on boot after the line "Started TLP system startup/shutdown." Not quite a viable solution.

Honestly... HONESTLY??? Should this REALLY be this hard?


...but that's the problem!... 1920x1080 absolutely will not show up under and circumstance. Do you know how many times I've tried to do that!...

Can someone please explain to me why 1920x1080 resolution would be excluded without installing the VBox Guest Additions. Is this not one of the most common resolutions in use around the world today?...


That is probably because you now have the wrong graphic drivers installed.

Can you get a TTY to run mhwd again to install the appropriate driver?

Thank you to everyone for their help with their input on this problem. At this point I'm 4 days in and probably 12 hours working on this problem. I've deemed it pretty ridiculous and I'm going to spend my time on something much more worth while.

This is, hands down, the stupidest issue that I've wasted countless hours trying to resolve. Ever single other distribution that I've done this with was able to be resolved within a matter of minutes. I have literally been on this issue for DAYS and I'm absolutely no closer than than I was the first minutes after the distro was installed.

I'm just amazed that I'm being told that "kernel headers" were my problem. Seriously? All I wanted to do was reset the screen resolution to 1920x1080. Not really an earth shattering request.

...and the community really expects the average computer user, the people that couldn't even figure out how to change their password on a Windows 10 machine, to be interested in using Linux? And you wonder why Ubuntu is so popular. In most instances it just works. Is it a rolling release like Manjaro, nope. Is it as powerful and configurable and offer as many options as Manjaro, absolutely not, but hey, guess what. IT WORKS...

The modorators are welcome to close this thread if they like, I'm not going to chase this issue any longer. Like I said, I have much better and more satisfying ways to spend my time.

Thank you to all that responded and attempted to help. You really did try. My impression, even the most knowledgeable of you is just guessing...



i hear playing in traffic is quite productive this time of year. :wave:

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Closed per the OPs request

Honestly I cannot - why - because it works a my end.

I can hit HostF and I am in full-screen FHD 1920x1080.

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