Manjaro Virtual Box -- It's like National Treasure

This is like National Treasure. One clue leads to another to another to another... It's never ending.

Cannot (for the life of me) install the VB Box Guest Additions. You would think with the tens of thousands of times this has been done it would be pretty straight forward. WHY IS THIS SO IMPOSSIBLY HARD!!!

I'm sorry, but honestly, this should be this hard to figure out. I can get it installed in Ubuntu, Mint, Endeavor, so forth and so on in less that 2 minutes. I've been working on this for 3 days now and clues keep leading to clues and it never ends.

This is my current problem: "This system is currently not set up to build kernel modules. Please install the Linux kernel "header" files matching the current kernel."

First off, why in the world would it NOT be set up to build kernel modules. Is this some big deep dark Manjaro secret that only the inner circle is allowed to know? Do I need to learn some secret hand shake or offer some special password to do this? And why in the world would I need to "build a kernel module" to install the VB Guest Additions. That seems absolutely stupid in my book.

I just want to install the Guest Additions so I can get a 1920x1080 screen resolution. Oh, don't fret, my issue is with Oracle as well. In who's infinite wisdom was it their idea that a 1920x1080 screen resolution should be excluded. That is probably without a doubt the most common resolutions in use today. I mean, SERIOUSLY!...

Anyway, if someone has a suggestion that can help I would certainly appreciate it.


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The answer is pretty clear - install the *-headers package for your kernel.
The thing is .. if you installed your kernel through mhwd like you should have - the headers would be included.

You don't need to build a kernel module. Have you followed the instructions in the wiki?

I know you probably mean well but you do realize that this question was posted in "Newbie Corner". The answer is "pretty clear" to whom? It's not even vaguely clear to me. You then go on to say "...if you installed your kernel through mhwd...". I'm assuming that the installation program for Manjaro installed the kernel. I personally didn't install any kernel. I started the vm, loaded up the Manjaro .iso and installed. I know for a fact, in order to get that ever elusive 1920x1080 screen resolution that is so rare to work, I need to install the Guest Additions. And I'm completely lost as to why I would need to mess with the kernel headers to install the Guest Additions CD.

I'm sorry if I sound short but I'm extremely frustrated. It should not take me 3 day to get a 1920x1080 screen resolution when I know that the graphics card and the monitor are both native 1920x1080.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to provide me with the answer that you did.


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You don't need to mess with any of that. I am not sure what instructions you are following, you just need to install the appropriate packages and start the guest utils. You don't need the guest additions cd. Just follow the wiki guide I linked above

Yeah, I worked my way through that WiKi but nothing changed. I have the option of 19 different resolutions and only 1 of them I've ever seen used before (sorry, it's actually 2). 640x480 Windows 95 and 1680x1050 (that was the resolution on my first LCD monitor from 2007 used with Windows XP).

But thank you for the answer that you did provide. Like Benjamin Gates I will continue the ever elusive quest for the oh so elusive (and so incredibly rare) 1920x1080 screen resolution.


You shouldn't need to set the screen resolution. It should automatically resize to fit the window/full screen resolution if you have the guest utils running and the proper modules installed.

Which display controller are you using in virtualbox?

the default VMSVGA.

well this problem will not happen if @philm just include KERNEL-headers
in root packages
in manjaro iso-profiles

I know exactly what's wrong. The Guest Additions are not installed properly. I've seen the Guest Additions install and it's just not happening correctly in Manjaro (maybe it's an Arch issue). If I try and run the installed directly from the CD I get "Invalid byte sequence in conversion input". I've successfully installed the Guest Additions CD on EndeavorOS and it worked perfectly which is also Arch, but for whatever reason Manjaro is being extremely stubborn.

Again, thank you,


It’d be much more simple to make the headers a hard depend of the kernel itself.

In fact for virtualbox it’d be better to drop the extramodules and make everyone use the dkms module. Obviously having made dkms a depend of virtualbox and the headers a depend of the kernel :wink:

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well thats not good how are you gonna install kernel headers when kernel itself isnt compiled
at the time of building unless you ignore the deps

When you compile a kernel the headers for it are generated at the same time. Two packages are produced, the new kernel and it’s matching headers. You can set the kernel to have a hard depend in the PKGBUILD. It’s very simple.

kernel header depend on the kernel
it will create cycles as
before installing the package pacman first installs its dependenci

I think you're confusing yourself. The headers depend on nothing. You can have headers for every kernel offered WITHOUT the matching kernel installed, no issues at all. Go check for yourself.

yes i think i am confused


Have you tried an other display controller (VBoxSVGA here) ?

try and install a different kernel for your system (maybe older) and also install the host modules for that kernel... logout and reboot, and make sure your system is updated.

example: kernel 4.14.134-1 and switch to using that at boot. press the SHIFT key to see advanced options during boot

if it fails again, remove virtualbox, clean octopi cache, reboot and reinstall virtualbox, or try on another user.

You don't need KERNEL-headers.

This is a very common issue.

Before you boot you VM in the live ISO check your settings of your VM.

Graphics defaults to VMSVGA but needs to be VBoxSVGA to work with Manjaro.

If you have this setting right the correct kernelmodules is installed by mhwd and so is the guest-utils.

Not quite true, VMSVGA should work just as well - it's the vmwgfx module which is included in Manjaro kernels.
While automatic resizing might not work, you can just set the desired resolution in the VM itself.
I'm writing this from Manjaro Xfce on VBox+VMSVGA.

For the rest, you're right, if you use a Manjaro kernel you shouldn't need any additional tools or drivers - the guest modules are included in the linuxXXX-virtualbox-guest-modules packages.