Manjaro version with kernel 4.11



I’m ryzen user and I want to know when I can expect manjaro with default kernel 4.11 or at least 4.10 because my system can’t boot with 4.9 and for that reason I can’t install manjaro on my new pc.
I know that manjaro don’t have strict release schedule but at least some clues
Also I prefer gnome version :slight_smile:


Are you really a ryzen user? Cause @philm said Manjaro already supports ryzen OOTB on kernel 4.9 ( You didn’t even post your inxi output ) …

PS :

If you really want kernel 411 so bad, you can install them on your MSM


i am also on a ryzen system.
when you install manjaro 17.0.1 or later using kernel 4.9 installation should work fine on ryzen. at least it did for me. it shows a couple of errors during boot, but it should boot fine.

one thing to remember on ryzen systems: you have to update your motherboard firmware to the latest version!
i recommend to do that before installation.

if you want to check out the latest release of manjaro (attention, this is NOT finished), download from here:


I installed and ran Kernel 4.9 perfectly fine with my Ryzen 7 1700x.

If you really want to install 4.11 off the bat, use Manjaro Architect.


I uploaded our current development version of Manjaro KDE v17.02 with Kernel v4.11 once. Maybe that might give you a glimps of it on your Machine. Which CPU do you have exaclty, as currently I’m still able to boot Manjaro even with older kernels.


ryzen 1800x. I will test it in saturday and will return feedback.


I assume you have then the X370 series of MB-Chips. I’m on B350, which works fine.


asrock taichi x370. I still not test manjaro. But I promise I will give feadback later.


still don’t work for me. freeze at systemd


My gpu is rx 460 after week I will try with gtx 1050 to check if the problem is in the gpu


manjaro 17.02 rc-1 are bootable for me. I think the issue was in mesa.
When 17.02 release is out I will make full test and will give additional feadback.


Interesting. ASRock x370 Taichi, R7 1700x, and R9 Fury works perfectly fine for me on 4.9, 4.10, 4.11.


Yes. My final suspect the gpu driver. I have AMD rx 460. As I say 17.02 rc1 work fine when I test media