Manjaro v17.1-rc4 feedback thread


I disabled MSM checks now in live-session for all main editions.

@eugen-b: you may check todays unstable-build if you like in regard of your issues you have with wayland on Gnome with given xdelta-patch: download here. You may check with sha1-files at least.


Ok, I have now tried it with prexisting LVM VG. Installation itself seemed fine (modulo a couple of bugs that I’ll report directly to Calamares). However, the system did not boot (unlike with my test on KDE Neon). I was dropped to initramfs. initramfs contained no lvm executable, so I guess that’s why system did not boot.


@stikonas: thx for the feedback. I don’t know what KDE Neon uses exactly. I expect the master-branch of CAL. On my end it is still 3.1.x-stable with kpmcore-3.2 branch for partition module. Also I didn’t found any ISO by Neon with CAL on it. Is it the unstable dev build?


I think it’s just a matter of different initramfs system/generator. Probably theirs autodetects LVM setup without extra configuration.

By the way, on Neon I tried my own calamares build compiled from kpmcore-3.2 branch. But I don’t think that’s too relevent for success or fail.


Well, for Arch and Manjaro we need the lvm2 hook. How to configure is described here. We only have to find a smart way to detect and configure it. @stikonas: what is the lvm partitioning? Can we use some similar like if partition["mountPoint"] == "/" and "luksMapperName" in partition:? Maybe give me an example printout of partitions value.


Yeah, maybe Calamares needs to expose it better. Right now you can see something like

23:10:24 [1]: “/dev/sda1” mtpoint: “” fs: QVariant(QString, “lvm2 pv”) ( QVariant(QString, “lvm2 pv”) ) “UcPdtS-fi4K-CqbF-tpFa-NEit-E26O-kwiEXA”

23:10:24 [1]: “/dev/test/rootfs” mtpoint: “/” fs: QVariant(QString, “ext4”) ( QVariant(QString, “ext4”) ) “90462949-8f8f-4d32-8049-f2350bc31e9a”


OK, then we can work with if partition["fs"] == "lvm2 pv": to add the needed hook … @stikonas: Can you check this commit and that commit on top?


@Ste74: we should consider to use Xorg as default session for Gnome again. Seems with Wayland we still have some issues. How to accomplish that, setting Xorg as default?


Ok let me revert the custom.conf file to revert xorg as default settings. I only leave the manjaro-gdm-check service to override choice User when User want use nvidia closed driver and Wayland ( it automatically revert on xorg)


Already did it and fixed your script. It was currently doing nothing.


Thank you mate…


I’ve added another xdelta-patch for todays Gnome build. You can get it from here. Apply it with:

xdelta3 -d -s manjaro-gnome-17.1-rc4-stable-x86_64.iso manjaro-gnome-17.1-rc4-testing-x86_64.iso

Following issues are fixed now:

  • Calamares not starting at all or later (fixed with using Xorg)
  • Kernel not supported (fixed by disabling update-notifier in live-session)

Open topics:

@stikonas: should I add the two commits to CAL so lvm2 is usable? Can you write me on how you test lvm2 on your end?


Yeah, hopefully this will work. I can’t test those commits myself now (need to travel) but I wrote how to test LVM here:


Thx @stikonas, will test it. Have a nice trip and all the best for 2018 …


I added xdelta patches now also for KDE and XFCE. You can get them from here (kde, xfce). Apply them with:

xdelta3 -d -s manjaro-kde-17.1-rc4-stable-x86_64.iso manjaro-kde-17.1-rc4-testing-x86_64.iso

xdelta3 -d -s manjaro-xfce-17.1-rc4-stable-x86_64.iso manjaro-xfce-17.1-rc4-testing-x86_64.iso


So after testing the last lvm feature, which is not yet finished, I assume we are now mostly ready. Please do another final review and if found some, please stop me by releasing v17.1-final tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


I just did a clean rc4 install of the KDE edition and can report that the AUR access in Octopi is broken for me. I looked into the settings and it turned out that pacaur was selected as frontend and at the same time grayed out. After I switched to yaourt, AUR access worked fine.

Edit: One more minor thing: Yakuake is active and shows the terminal automatically after every login without me calling it with the corresponding shortcut. I think, it should stay in the background and only pop in when called.


Can’t download sha1sum text file for KDE from: (iso and other sha files are downloadeable.


I just downloaded it recently.
Why not try another mirror.

Direct link :


No big deal for me, I will probably download again tomorrow the final version. I was just informing :slight_smile: