Manjaro v17.1.11 ISO Review



Hi Community,

I’m currently uploading the current v17.1.11 ISOs. If you like, please do a quick review, before we announce them to the public. You can get them from here when uploaded:

Feedback is appreciated …

Problem with trying to dual boot Manjaro

Only build.log and pkgs.txt are uploaded ATM.


as and when they are available is there anything in-particular you want checking or is it just a case of general usage to see if everything is working as normal?


Downloading the KDE one now. I will test it later this evening.


All ISOs are now online. Please test the usual. From our end we installed them all once in VirtualBox and rebooted the system.


KDE ISO boots, no issues found with typical usage. I haven’t tried to install, but trying now.
The installation went well, KDE boots.
I have just one proposal: Create a keyboard shortcut for
Ctrl+Alt+Down -> Switch One Dektop Down
Ctrl+Alt+Up -> Switch One Dektop Up.


I’ll release them now anyway. Will see what the community will report back …


I did not install it, but everything works great in live mode.


Unfortunately I couldn’t test it straight away yesterday anyhow as I was tied up with other matters. I’ve tried it this morning with real hardware and it’s behaving as expected. it looks like you really shouldn’t have any major problems fed back from the community.


I just installed over a partition I had previously used to test GNOME. The installation went well. I used my old /home partition, and everything is working great! I think I will use this as my main installation now.