Manjaro v17.1.1 Feedback Thread



We are happy to announce a bugfix release of Hakoila. This includes fixes for Spectre and Meltdown.

The latest release of Manjaro features the following:

  • Initial LVM PV support in Calamares (manual partitioning)
  • Updated partition module in Calamares to directly use kpmcore
  • Latest bugfixes in Calamares itself
  • Gnome updated to v3.26
  • KDE updated to v5.11
  • Latest XFCE packages
  • Kernel updated to v4.14 LTS series (incl. KPTI patches)
  • Updated themes and much more

So get to our download page and get your favourite ISO!

Users who already had installed via v17.1.0 medias, simply update their systems as soon as notifications to do so pop up.


kudos for the quick rollout


+1 to that. Thanks Devs for your dedication & hard work :smile:


I Install ISO with virtualbox.
No problemo for me