Manjaro v17.0.4 released




Well, it was already added before. So v17.0.4 has it installed by default …


I use this as startup script to set the volume to almost zero:

#Set Master volume to zero
amixer set 'Master',0  5% unmute
#Set Front to zero
amixer set 'Front',0  100%
#Set Surround to zero
amixer set 'Surround',0  100%
#Set Center to zero
amixer set 'Center',0  100%

In KDE settings --> Startup and Shutdown --> Autostart I have it automatically started at startup. Works great, for many years and distro’s already.


The script dissapears from list after adding it.


You mean in the KDE settings, you can’t add a script? You did choose the button Add script at the bottom, did you, not the button Add program?
I did it and I have this:


As you can see I cannot click “Ok” to save changes. [edit] and when I try to close it I don’t get any prompt about changes I’ve made.

But I’ve found a workaround. I simply created a *.desktop file in ~/.config/autostart, and placed there:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -c “/home/patryk/” [path to that volume script]


All went smooth on Gnome / kernel 4.11.12-1 / X86_64. Thank you for an impressive desktop


I have a strange behavior if i download the torrent file:

Never had any problems with torrents, and if i copy the URL into Transmission it is all fine.
So a problem on my end?


Looks like file associations aren’t configured correctly.
I’d try opening the torrent file with right click and selecting there which application should be the default for .torrent files.
Or you could also edit the setting manually in ~/.config/mimeapps.list and add



This is the first thing i did, looking into the Fx applications section and there is

Application | Action
TORRENT-Datei | open with Transmission-gtk
BitTorrent Seed Datei | open mit Transmission-gtk

Strange thing.

If i save the file in my Download dir Transmission opens up instant and adds it.


WOW! Wasn’t 17.0.3 just released? Now 17.0.4. I take it as maybe what 17.1 coming next. or will it just jump to 18.0?

Switched to Manjaro from Windows 10 Pro back in March of this year and I’m still very impressed with this distro. Keep rocking Manjaro!!!


I realise that it is pretty minor, but installer shows that it’s going to replace partition with 17.0.2 rather than 17.0.4. Can be bit confusing to newbies. Enclosed.

Manjaro v17.0.5 released
Manjaro v17.0.5 released

Installed the quite early 4.14 kernel on a Fujitsu S760 laptop with Nvidia 310M graphics, had to uninstall it because of video problems with google-chrome-stable v61 from the AUR Arch User Repository.


TOday i downloaded 17.0.4 KDE and netwok still does’nt work


I have build budgie profile 17.0.4 and i can confirm this … i took a look into it


I will wait for your Mate version.If will not work network then i am done with Manjaro


I think found the issue , starting a new build to confirm that



now usb_modeswitch is installed tested on my budgie build


Okay, i can confirm the Torrents work from other sites… but not Sourceforge!