Manjaro v17.0.2 released



All the official ISOs and most community edition have it installed as manjaro-documentation, yes.
Where installed It also has a desktop launcher in the live environment.


I just installed Manjaro KDE from new iso on my T520, works great. Thank you guys.


Congratulations on another flawlessy easy release. Easy to use, easy to install, and easy to update.


Manjaro KDE Plasma works surprisingly acceptable in very old hardware, a ~10yo laptop (pentium d dual core), the ones with win vista.

It takes a couple of minutes to boot up and 1-3 seconds to open things but overall, once they load up, everything’s smooth.

Good work Philm and Manjaro Team!


Gtk applications in KDE take a long time to show (15+ seconds) after pressing menu icon or start from terminal. Terminal output reveals errors/warnings, as stated in my reply to this thread:


Smooth :thumbsup:


so that’s why my manjaro KDE doesn’t have a plymouth. Why, then, it was removed?Is there some bug issues?


Is it flickering only during boot? Cause as what I’ve experienced its a hardware part of flickering…


Yes, only during boot


yes, all our install media drop Plymouth service . Maintain Plymouth have more cons than pro . You can Always reinstall if you want it … Plymouth is an old project of Fedora and not needed now with modern system or …


so upon start up its all black already…after grub?

Instead of seeing this image?


In modern pc with ssd the blank screen appear only for 3/5 sec :wink:
In my i5 7200 with a normal HD Gnome boot in +/- 10 sec ( login screen ) .
With Plymouth the time increase and not in all situation but sometime plymouth service not quit fine …


Yes, then return back to plymouth screen. it doesn’t matter plymouth is on or off. During boot I have flickering (screen suddenly turns off - shows blank screen, then turns on)


I think, the problem is related to systemd-backlight@backlight:intel_backlight.service or all Intel graphics services which are enabled on boot, because my grub screen brightness is too high, after flickering the screen brightness becomes lower ( which I set this in Gnome Desktop)


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I thank everyone for their Hard works. It’s a great distro and has much to commend it.