Manjaro User Guide(Need translator)

Hi community,
We are working on Manjaro Documentation. Manjaro user guide was converted to adoc form by @17-tom . Also, He translated German version. You can see source of it on gitlab manjaro user guide. We made a transifex page to other languages. You can help to us to translate the guide. Also, you can contribute to develop the guide.

English version of the guide

German version of the guide


I’ll translate as I can… as soon as I figure out how to use transifex.

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I just realized, I did lot of translation over there about 6 months ago, but couldn’t figure out how to add to the project…

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Hi @oguzkagan,
I sent my request to the spanish translation of the manjaro user guide.
Hope it help,

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Hi @oguzkagan ,
I just finished the translation of the spanish guide of Manjaro. I tried to do my best.
I used the transifex page, I wish whether it can be uploaded to the Spanish forum in order to ask the spanish users for comments and corrections.