Manjaro Update of Dec 10th 2019 (Python 3.8) breaks PySide2

The latest stable release of PySide2 (5.13.2-2, deployed in repository extra, package 'pyside2') is not compatible with Python 3.8.
The stable Manjaro update of the 10th Dec 2019 hence breaks PySide2.
This is a known issue that has been reported in the ArchLinux Bugs and should be fixed with PySide2 5.14. See these links:

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It's an arch package, so any fix comming from there will have to "trickle down" (unstable to testing to stable), see also

Oh, and welcome to Manjaro.

It will be fixed with QT 5.14, which should be available later today. We will see how fast we can adopt it to Manjaro. You're welcome to test it out when it lands in our unstable branch.

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The [Stable Update] 2019-12-29 resolved this issue.
Many thanks to the Manjaro Team! :slight_smile:

Please note though, that the updated package pyside2-tools (version 5.14.0-1) does not contain the UI compiler pyside2-uic as the older version ( 5.13.2-2) did.
It appears to be an upstream problem in PySide2 (see

Downgrading to version 5.13.2-2 temporarily solves the issue:

$ sudo downgrade pyside2-tools
# then select the index for version 5.13.2-2

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