Manjaro unstoppable screen tearing

I am about to give up on this problem if no one is able to solve it. I installed Manjaro Linux on my windows machine (I dual boot). For some reason after trying Force Full Composition Pipeline and using compton I can not get rid of screen tearing and screen flickering. I want to use the proprietary drivers and not Linux video but that seems to be the only thing that kind of solves. Manjaro auto-installed the drivers for my GeForce RTX 2070 mobile and I am using i3. If anyone has any advice on how to fix this that would be amazing!!

In my experience with window manager - you shouldn’t mix picom (compton) with nvidia.

If I recall correct picom work nice with Intel but on Nvidia you need to experiment with the various settings in picom.conf - it is very well documented - so dive in.

I recently acquired a workstation with Nvidia Quadro P2000 and it took a while for me to settle in with Nvidia.

I switched window manager from Openbox to Compiz - as an experiment - but in fact that switch made a whole lot of improvments to compositing on Nvidia - the only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it earlier :slight_smile:

@linux-aarhus if I switch window managers won’t that get rid of i3?

I have never been a tiling window manager guy - so for me it was no problem - but yes if you are really into the tiling thing - you will not like it.

And I should say that compiz requires some initial work - but if you are interested I can provide some hints.

I have reworked some of the Openbox scripts to work with Compiz - just to find some PKGBUILDs on AUR from a user which has done the same thing.

It has it’s own quirks but is really in the tiny issues department.

I found some interesting window functionality within Compiz with is so much better than my Openbox customization.

I don’t think I’m going to switch window managers. Do you know of any other solutions.

tweak picom.conf or use nvidia compositor

@linux-aarhus Do you have a link to the nvidia compositor and where I could read more about it. I googled it and nothing showed up?

Should be interesting to see if there is a problem on wayland too. You could try sway, it’s just like i3 but with wayland instead of

Sway is great and fixes all the screen tearing, but the OP uses Nvidia, and that is a no-no with Sway.

Ah, that I didn’t know, because the only device with nvidia I have is an old Mac Mini we use as Mediacenter and as such we don’t use any tiling WM. All other machines are non-nvidia by choice, just because it’s such a mess with nvidia. They should be ashamed.

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