manjaro uboot on pinebook


@Strit: Is it possible to get the precise u-boot source used to build the u-boot on the (just released) manjaro for pinebook?
I have a pinebook which has a fussy display. The u-boot-sunxi-with-spl-pinebook.bin from the image boot folder starts it every time. I cannot use it as is, since I need to recompile to put the env file into the mmc card I'm using (OK, not loading linux here.. so u-boot MUST do the turn on). The manjaro one is good. Nothing I've managed to compile for mainline u-boot works, though it does turn on the display on all other pinebooks I have had access to (at least 5, both 11 and 14 inch). This would suggest that the source tree used for manjaro has stuff in it that has not made it to mainline ....

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The build script used is on our gitlab.
It uses the mainline uboot source at a specific commit.

That builds the .pkg.tar.xz file that contains the .bin files.

After that it gets flashed to the SD/eMMC with:

sudo dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl-pinebook.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=8k seek=1

Where /dev/sdX is the SD/eMMC card, listed with lsblk.

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Thanks Once I've got the bin I have no usage problems. Lets see how it goes..


And now the dumb Q.. How do you invoke the script? (for the avoidance of doubt)... just e.g. source ./PKGBUILD ?


It's an arch specific spript, that needs pacman installed.
You then invoke it with makepkg -sc

But the script just contains regular commands.
So you should be able to make a regular script out of it and run that.


Many thanks, much happier now. I still have work to do, but have successfully built a pinebook u-boot that behaves as the one on your manjaro releases.. .. now to move the env to mmc and see if this specific pinebook still enables its display (all previous ones behaved correctly almost whatever u-boot I used!!)

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All resolved now.. Starting with your pacman script as a guide I've now got where I needed, and generated a script for repeatabliliy.. FWIW using u-boot v2019.04 and atf v2.1.. Many thanks for all your help


Glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile: