Because the school's computer is too hard to use (Windows 7, which runs slowly on the old-fashioned computer and is insane), I want to install manjaro on the U-disk to improve the experience, but when I run the installation program on VMware, the U-disk still cannot boot normally, so I want to find a way to install manjaro on the U-disk (not the live CD)

(I'm sorry, because my English is poor, I can only provide translation version)

因为学校的电脑过度难用(在旧式电脑运行着慢的丧心病狂的Windows7),所以我想在U盘上安装manjaro以改善体验,但当我在VMware上运行了安装程序后,U盘依然不能正常引导,所以我想要寻求一个将manjaro安装到U盘的方法(不是Live CD)


I've tried it and it worked perfectly. Just check if u could use uefi when starting up.

I will try it. Thank you very much.

I am sorry. it didn't work . I cannot enter GNOME desktop.

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