Manjaro touch screen on convertible: no keyboard/auto screen rotation

I installed Manjaro with Gnom desktop on my convertible device, the screen doesn´t flip automatically and the screen keyboard doesn´t appear.
Is there a way to fix that? Does anybody have experience with it?
Would KDE work maybe better for touchscreen?
Finaly I installed POP OS, everything worked fine with the touchscreen(auto rotation etc.)!
(In ubuntu it worked only in the live cd but after installing ubuntu the touchscreen didnt work well at all!)

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Which is…? Please see:

Iḿ using Medion Akoya E2291.
I tried it with Ubuntu and the touchscreen worked perfect without any need to configurate something before. But I would prefer to use Manjaro…

I think xfce did not work on the fly, but gnome, when I tried last time. But you are using gnome… Might be this issue.

Perhaps the discussion here helps.

Try to run


to see if the sensor is working correct.

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