Manjaro torrents tracker is unavailable


Hi all, I have noticed that the torrent tracker for the Manjaro torrents has been unavailable for me for quite sometime. I was wondering if this is the same for anyone and if anyone knows if it is going to be put back online again?

The tracker address I have from downloading the torrents is: udp:// I assume that this is the correct tracker.

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It is the same for everyone.


Thanks for the info and sorry to see their was already A topic on this, tried finding a similar topic based on terms such as ‘torrent’, ‘tracker’ but it did not appear for me.


reference, you search in forum upper right ?
For me = the second :wink:


As the tracker is down now for 1.5 month and the download page still points to it i’d like to ask what the plans are. Removing the torrent link would be a solution (not a good one) but having a torrent file online pointing to a dead tracker for a pretty long time now does not look too trustworthy to new users.


temporary removal would be justified and restore the torrent link as and when the new tracker is set up.

will a moderator please merge my thread with this one? thanks


The download page says "Just download the *.torrent file ", but there's no link to download the .torrent file... I'm sure it was there before, has it been mooved?



they were removed because the torrents do not have trackers at present so are unsharable. apparently it’s on the list of tasks to deal with though.

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Mate Torrent Link Down

any idea when these links will be available again?


They've already been down for months, I remember when I moved to Manjaro in January they were down


I was looking through the website trying to find the *.torrent files, but noticed they aren't on any of the pages. The "Torrents" button goes to Wikipedia. We should have a button to download the *.torrent file for people to easily access as well.


This has been covered multiple times on this forum.

The newer ISO's does not have a torrent file.
The reason is that the tracker we used are no longer available. So until a new tracker has been setup, no torrents will get made.

I do think that until we get that, the section about torrents should be removed/hidden.

Mate Torrent Link Down

Is there any progress with new torrent tracker ? Or it its just a matter of time/money?


Why not use an open tracker like You could also not use a tracker at all and rely on just DHT. Anything would be better than not having torrents at all.


That tracker is often used for illegal content. Manjaro does not wish to be associated with illegal content, so a private tracker is needed. One that Manjaro can control the contents off.

I tried created a few torrent, without trackers at all.
And only the Webseed is active on those in my tests. It's a great idea, but it would always need lots of seeders to be viable.


@Strit -- i am still a new guy learning his ways into linux and stumbled upon the Distrowatch Torrent section.. i think the torrents can be uploaded there and they also do not require Trackers

another site i found few days ago..

pls have a check...


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Manjaro want to control the torrents themselves. The problem is not getting the torrent files out to people. It's getting them "tracked" to all the peers know about each other.

LinuxTracker injects their own tracker into the torrent uploaded/created to them. So Manjaro would have no control over it. It was used at some point, but dropped once we found that out.


So we want opentracker then?
Pretty easy to set up on whatever host..
Maybe even a pi job :slight_smile:


How does one get @Manjaro-Team to discuss such a proposal? :wink:


I would guess its a question of resources and vetting.
Well I dont even know that. No one has yet had a chance to reply to the tracker software proposal. And in general Im not sure how much thought has been given to it besides the parameters of what is desired.