".manjaro-tools" file in root directory ("/")

There’s a file named .manjaro-tools in my root directory ("/"). Here are its contents:


Its modification date is 2019-03-12, which is months before I installed Manjaro. Its creation date is 2019-07-06, which the same creation date as my .bashrc file and other files from the same date that I installed Manjaro, except a couple minutes earlier than those.

Is this file necessary to keep? I don’t like having unknown files in my root directory. Thank you for any insights you can provide.

I think you can delete it, as well as the two other files desktopfs-pkgs.txt and rootfs-pkgs.txt I guess they are just informational files from the installation (and creation of the ISO I would guess, for the hidden file).

Thank you for the information. I am hoping I can delete it without consequences, but I’m interested in learning its purpose as well, to be well-informed. Therefore, while I appreciate your insight, I will do more research to try to figure out what, exactly, created it, and for what purpose. I’ll start by searching in the repositories hosted in the Manjaro gitlab.

I think I’ve found something interesting already. It seems to be used for some sort of sanity check. Here’s my Manjaro gitlab search so you can see the results I see:

So, my conclusion is that in order for my system to not be considered insane by Manjaro tools, I must keep that file as and where it is. If this is wrong, please let me know.

I don’t think this file is needed in the system. It is not owned by anything in the system, it returns nothing when I search:

[omano@omano-nvme ~]$ pacman -F /.manjaro-tools

Seems like it is generated by Manjaro Tools but I don’t see how it would be required on a system. It has its purpose but I think the file is generated on ISO creation. Maybe wait for a dev reply if you’re scared.

The file in question - indicates the version of manjaro-tools used to build the ISO you installed from.

It is taking a few bytes and together with the desktopfs-pkgs.txt and the rootfs-pkgs.txt it is infomational - they are non-critical and if you don’t like them being there - just remove them.

$ cat /.manjaro-tools 
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