Manjaro-tool for Blackarch tools


Hello everyone, I have been a lurker on the forums for some time, finally decided to make an account, so cheers to my first post.

One thing I have noticed is there is no script/program to automate the process of adding the Blackarch pen-testing tools to a manjaro installation. The only tool I have really seen is katoolin for Ubuntu. After taking a closer look at the code I realized it is outdated, and is dangerously terrible. So I have begun a re-write, that turned to a re-factor, that turned into something completely new, to release a suitable tool for Ubuntu/debian people, you could say its a fork... but it's not at all.

Naturally black arch has a much larger tool base than Kali, and Arch based users do not seem to have a suitable option for an ease of use tool, so they can install and move on with their lives. As I am nearing completion on the Ubuntu tool, I am seriously thinking about undertaking this task for us Manjaro/arch people. I think it is a worthy cause, and I need a new summer project before school kicks back in.

Any idea's for the name of said tool? Any ideas for the name of the Ubuntu tool? Any specific features you as a pen tester/tinkerer would like to see implemented? popular vim configs editors, etc, or other optional dowloads ... Any tools that should be left out? (I ask because I am not a pen-tester, I am just a bored programmer)

Here are some things I have implemented on the Ubuntu version, Bash Like command prompt: with unicode support, (shows glyphs, depending on exit code status of each process ), I have been thinking about Unicode or emojies for each tool category.

Anyways, any idea's are welcome.


It is your computer so you are expected to solve issues on your own.

Even Manjaro is based on Arch and as such can work with repos like blackarch or archstrike it is not supported by Manjaro.

Some packages makes assumptions on kernel modules and headers which do not match Manjaro as the packages are written for Arch.

Several of the blackarch packages will - on installation - result in file conflicts. Why this is so I don't know but it can cause you headaches trying to solve such issues.

You can easily add the blackarch repo or the archstrike repo by following their guides.

Just remember, you are on your own

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Yes fair enough I have been reading into the issues, I am aware its my computer or rather a VM I test on, I didn't ask anyone to solve a problem for me, I am aware one can easily add the repositories, just as one can add the kali linux repo to an ubuntu system. I know tools will need to enter a vetting process. I also know I am on my own, or someone would have done it already. Just seeing what type of experience is out there with this sort of thing.


well be prepared for big surprise with manjaro + black arch repo.
i dont wanna spoil the tragedy.
you will know soon enough if you go down blackarch repo route.

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If you want Black Arch tools, for the best experience it is recommended to install Black Arch, you 'leet little hAxoR, you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Because there isnt and shouldnt and probably never will be.

If youve been lurking for some time .. maybe you noticed the last dozen or so threads in which h4x0rz thoroughly ruined their installs by attempting to do so and .. failing .. and then oscillated between blaming manjaro and asking for help. Apparently breaking into your neighbors wifi is way easier than just keeping your OS healthy.

If you want blackarch ... install blackarch.

If you need a handful of tools? I bet you can have them if you try just a teeny bit.

... but maybe it seems you are suggesting you will build such a tool?
I'm interested to see what happens then.


[yes, I do have one hand in the popcorn ... but in all honesty I do encourage you. I'd like to see it. I took some liberties to poke fun, but dont feel discouraged. More tools is good. community developed tools are good. all the things. good luck]


Me, too. Endlessly fascinating, the sideshow is. :wink:


You would be better off packaging those tools for Manjaro specifically. In other words go down the list and compile them from source for manjaro.


Well I do appreciate the honesty, I can feel a bit of a slighting from some of you, almost felt like the Arch forums lol. Now about some comments, I see the tragedy of Black Arch and Manjaro. It would surely Bourke one's system. I should have done a bit more research, but no worries, since I had already been thinking about doing some of these tools for slackware which we all know has no package manager and would require building from source. So here is the plan, I am continuing on with the project, I will be building specifically for Manjaro, from source, obviously. Now I am also no "Haxor" as I stated in the opening title, I am just a bored compsci student sharpening my chops waiting for the next semester to start. I have hardly any use for any of these tools, I am more interested in the program it's self, and the design, and I've always wanted to make something people would appreciate and use. Also, this won't be a script. I am writing it in C++ (OOP) because of school basically and that's what alot of our projects revolve around. The big thing in this project is the time, and designing a dynamic menu style. Once I know what each programs dependencies are and how they fit into manjaro, its all gravy after that. So I'm shooting to release a beta that supports around 50 tools. Maybe one day I will reach the full 7XX of Blackarch, (Who the hell actually uses all those tools)

Anyways feel free to keep your hand in the pop corn

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well if you compile the tools from source then its not blackarch and it will be more comp[atible with manjaro.
the thing which brokes black arch and manjaro are.
blackarch tools are compiled on diffrent versions of packages and on manjaro we have diffrent version of packages in repo.
and manjaro kernel,grub,systemd totaly diffrent from arch so.
the challange here is using blackarch repo without modifying or compiling any package just using those precompiled packages on manjaro.

if you compile those 2000+ blackarch tools on manjaro it will be more compatible
but honestly who's gonna compile all those packages and keep them upto date?

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Well you won't get bored that is for sure


Valid point, I won't ever be doing all the tools. The best way I can think to do it, is compile and maintain the most popular tools. The ones most used, they are likely to have their code hosted outside the BlackArch ecosystem. After some research and likely a few weeks of reading I will have a better idea. But basically I wont be using anything specific to black arch. For example Black arch and Kali, and what ever other hacking distro will have the same set of popular tools, they are built with different versions to compliment those different distros. Just for manjaro. Maybe think of the tool as a curated version of kali tools for manjaro. The real goal is to supply a reliable and extensible code base. If other programmers like it, they are likely to submit pull requests, and it will grow. and if not well I had fun making it, and I hope I helped some people out.


well its like making your own repo of packages which is best way.
since those packages are compiled against manjaro packages it will be more suitable.
just make sure any of the packages in your repo should not be duplicate as no matter the version manjaro repo packages gets priority.
for example you have vlc compiled in your repo but its vesion is higher and in manjaro repo there already is vlc but its version is lower.
but since manjaro repo has higher priority your package will never be installed and only vlc from manjaro will be installed. so workaround this is change the package name ex vlc-xyz
and install vlc-xyz