Manjaro theme bug or window decoration one?

Hei…I’m new here and to Manjaro. But, I’m loving it.

The only “issue” I’m having is with Plasma window decoration. As you can see from the picture, there is none.

imgur DOT com/7ankPqk

I’m using the latest stable update with none Desktop Effects and Compositor is disabled.

Is this only me or is it the way it is?


Hi @oldcastle, and welcome!

That looks perfectly fine to me. The window just looks border-less, which is part of the theme IIRC. I also have border-less windows. I like it.
If you don’t want it, then play around in the theme’s settings. Or try another theme.

Hope this helps!

And this is why you have no effects on the window decoration.
The window decoration is there, it’s where the window title and window buttons are located.

Where exactly? Desktop effects and compositor do not relate to borders or shadows on window decoration, or they do?

It relates to shadows at least.

The border is probably still there, just 1 pixel wide.