[Manjaro Testing]Spyder 3 broken icons


Hello, I am on Manjaro Testing branch. It appears that either though update (tried downgrading through pacman from version 3.3.1 to 3.2.8, but to no avail) I have broken some dependency that handles displaying of icons, probably some QT5, but |I cannot figure out which one. The resulting application instance looks as follows:

Can you point me somewhere I could try fixing a specific dependency or is this more likely to result in bug report? I hope this is somewhat sufficient information, thanks in advance!



Package is from upstream, let me try the git version BRB.

:edit: and it is the same in the git version :frowning:


Likely culprits?



Yup, it has been reported already on github.


The temporary solution for this problem is to change the icon theme to Spyder 2. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved in newer versions.


Thank you, especially @xircon and @dobedobedo, very helpful! Will monitor new versions to see if it gets fixed, in the meantime the solution to change to spyder 2 theme is an excellent suggestion. Just in case some poor soul finds this thread eons later and replies have been deleted (I know your pain very well):

  1. Go to Tools > Preferences
  2. General section > Appearance
  3. Scroll down to Interface subsection, change the Icon Theme to Spyder 2, it will ask to restart the application and upon restart, icons are working.

I think the thread can be locked now, any way to automaticaly do that without waiting the 6 months of possible necromancy as a user and thread creator? Don’t want to bother the moderators with this.


An there already is a poor, desperate soul…
Thank you all guys.