Manjaro takes over boot menu, remaps it to GRUB

Basically, I installed Manjaro with a USB. I dont really like Manjaro, and I want to switch to Fedora. I want to boot with my manufacturer’s boot menu (HP), but Manjaro has taken over that boot menu and switched it with GRUB. I don’t want to have to go into the BIOS and change the boot order, because the one-time boot menu is faster. How can I get it back to the original boot menu?

Not sure what you mean with “HP boot menu”, do you mean you want to go back to windows?
If you want to change from grub boot to another boot, you HAVE to change the boot order in your bios (from manjaro to “HP boot”) and save the settings.

Or you can just remove the grub partition altogether, then I guess your bios would go to the next boot option, but if I were you, I would change the boot priority in your bios and THEN remove the partitions when you install your next os.

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Oh, thanks, and to clarify, I dont want to go back to windows, I’m trying to switch to Fedora from Manjaro

Then… What is “hp boot menu”. I don’t know what you mean by that.

But no matter what, change the boot order in your bios.

Edit, I’m suspecting you removed all other boot partitions so now only grub exists, and the “hp boot” you are talking about it probably a recovery system for your hp.
If you want to install Fedora, just install fedora and in the installation, remove Manjaro.

It does not really matter. At least in you case. This is the short answer.

The long one: You are either on MBR or EFI/GPT.

If you are on MBR - the boot files are on the MBR record and then on each partition where OS resides. Most probably it was Windows boot loader on the mbr if the pc ever had windows. There is only one boot loader on MBR.

If you are on a fairly new pc, lets say 10 yeas older or newer, chances are you have EFI. That resides on a special partition. There may be many different records, menu entries and bootloaders there. Basically for each OS that gets installed (and it usually stays there after uninstall). There are usually recovery tools from the pc manufacturer too. So there is no one “Boss”, or better said, it is the EFI and not some OS. So it is only a matter of customisation of the menu and loaders.

As the guy before me said - most probably you had some mini recovery-diagnostic kit from HP that was set as the first entry before and you can make it first order again by going in to efi settings. But it still does not matter. If you install windows, his loader will hijack everything and wont show a menu at all. Since you want to install linux, well, fedora also uses GRUB loader just like manjaro. It will just install/reconfigure itself to show the menu. So after installing Fedora you will still “loose” the HP menu (cause it is not needed). If you really want it - go to boot order in EFI settings. But it is absolutely pointless if it was only an OS choose menu (you will have a menu leading to a menu…well that is not faster :slight_smile: ), because GRUB will do the same. Maybe it will even show the recovery tools from the HP menu automatically. If not, there is usually another key combo to start the special tools (or configure the boot order).