Manjaro & systemd-resolve : problem with NextDNS

I'm using NextDns, the second DoH provider of Firefox.
It can be installed so that it applies to all softwares.
I like that, as I have a censor free DNS resolver + an anti script/ads.

As I previously used systemd-resolved, I encountered a problem to install it.
If I get it correctly, it seem to be due to a specific Manjaro systemd-resolved dependency.


Could that be solved @ Manjaro's level ?

This is a simple configuration problem. This is nothing that needs to be fixed.

If you want to use a service that needs to listen on Port 53, you can't really use systemd-resolved. You can of course disable the DNSStubListener, but most programs will use systemd-resolved because of the nsswitch settings. So you will have to edit the nsswitch.conf and remove the systemd-resolved. At this point systemd-resolved is completely useless.

Basically if you want to use a third party DNS client, that requires to use Port 53 on your host, you can't use systmd-resolved. In this case you have to disable it.


You can solve it at system level by using

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