Manjaro System Partition (48.83 GB) --> 0 bytes free --> what to do?

Hi there,

i am new to Linux and to Manjaro.
Since today my system partition has 0 bytes free.
But my partition is 48 GB big which should be enough, shouldn’t it?
So i think that there are a few big files / cache files which are to be deleted.

But how can i find those large files?
I already did

sudo yay -Scc


sudo pacman -Scc

But that doesnt solve the problem.
Is there a way to find the large files?

Another thought was to make the system partition bigger.
So i started GParted and tried to change the size of the system partition…but i am not able to make it bigger than 50 GB. So i thought: OK, then i should previously smaller the data partition (which is 460 GB big) but this also is not possible. The slider which is to be used to smaller the partition is not moving…

So i have two problems and don’t know what to do…
Is 48 GB really not enough space for the system?

Best wishes

A few things you can do now:

  • Clear some space in your .cache folder if /home is on the system drive.

  • Check journal size:
    journalctl --disk-usage and clean with
    sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=100M or
    sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1w
    changing the values as you need.

  • Clean out package cache in pamac
    or with the terminal

Use a disk usage analyzer to get a feel where the large stuff to clean up is.

Next step do some maintenance:

After deleting some stuff now there are a few GB available.
But: As i don’t get Davinci Resolve installed, i removed it via the software package manager.
But the Davinci Icons are all still available in the startup menu.
Also in the /home/basementmedia/.local/share/ directorx there are files of programms i already deinstalled (e.g. lutris, baloo, DaVinciResolve).

How do i get rid of the Program Icons and can i delete files of the share directory?
In other words: How can i completely get rid of files that are unused cause the respective Programs are already deinstalled?

another possibility to get some space:

coredumps (when a program crashes) tend to be big.
They are stored in /var/lib/systemd/coredump
remove them if there are any and you have no use for them

Edit /etc/systemd/cordump.conf
uncomment the first line
and change to:

man coredump.conf
explains the options

gnome-boxes (a virtual machine software) stores it’s virtual machines there

Also unnecessary localisations of installed packages can use up considerable disk space over time.
I know there have been discussions on BleachBit being potentially harmful, which in fact is true.
But used with caution it might be useful.
At least the preview mode could give you an idea where space could be cleaned up.

What is the “preview mode”?
Sorry…i am a very beginner in Linux :wink:

bleachbit -h
almost any program, when started with the -h option, will give you a short overview of the options it takes and what they do
for the -p option, this is what you get:
-p, --preview preview files to be deleted and other changes

BleachBit lets you clean up supposedly unused files, cache, etc.
Which in case can have unwanted side effects.
So, the preview function just shows what would be done without actually deleting the files.

That’s nothing to worry about.
Just keep asking questions :wink:

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