Manjaro SwayWM + Wayland

Hi guys! Any plans on releasing a community edition with Wayland and SwayWM?
I’ve know that Sway is still in an alpha stage but it works very very well, also i’ve been using Wayland with Gnome in Fedora without any problems for the past 8 months.

FYI: SwayWM is an I3 Implementation for Wayland, totally with free tearing, and very very smooth. Also includes al tools that i3 cames with(swaylock, a screen snapshoot tool, a swaybar, and also the gaps functionality from the i3-gaps fork). It’s like a dream :smiley:
I see a very bright future.



If someone is willing to build and maintain it. It would not be an official build, it’d be a community build.

Yes i think i’ve confused the area of the topic, i was talking about a community edition, sorry.

I changed the category to #support-for-community-editions

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It still crashes a lot for me, especially when started from TTY with sway.
After such a crash I cannot use the keyboard for an hour or so, then it magically recovers.

When started from GDM I get all the autostart processes from Gnome started in sway. Not a good thing when you want lightweight.

I would wait, stable 0.15 lack features such as tray area and the devel version is a wild ride with the wlroots being rewritten.

Also, often I could not left click with mouse pointer.

I think that sway session should be just added to Manjaro i3 since it already can use the same i3 config. @oberon, what do you think about that idea?


Yes, thanks for asking. I install it a few times a year to see if it is ready yet. At the moment it’s not. Sway is not yet stable and complete enough and wayland ecosystem is not yet ready enough.

There are three big milestones I’m waiting for:

  1. Complete the transition to wlroots
  2. Fix the bug that tiles launchers like bemenu. Probably fixed by 1.
  3. Have a good browser that runs on wayland. Currently only epiphany and midori work. They crash a lot on wayland and are not very good in general.

As you can tell by the list, I want to have a basic environment that can run without xwayland. Once that is possible, the spin is out very quickly.


Why wait for the third? We could run any browser in the wrapper like in Gnome edition and wait for wayland support on the run while enjoing tearfree video playback.
And I thought Firefox has a flag for wayland support.

Thanks, I didn’t know that.

Because for me, without full wayland session, sway feels like a awkward fat cousin of i3. If i3 is lighter and more hassle free, why choose sway over it? Why deal with dysfunctional copy-paste, drag and drop and difficult keyboard layout switching, if you can’t even get get rid of xorg? I feel that the niche is not yet big enough to justify having both i3 and sway edition. But we are getting there.

Meanwhile, someone could just slap sway to i3 edition as an option?


That was a reference to the animated GIF in @freed00m’s profile which is rediculously inappropriate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


… I did not actually know that :sweat_smile:

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It’s just animated slapping action. I mean no harm. :sunny:

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It seems that fedora is planning to ship wayland enabled firefox by default on their next release. When our firefox works on wayland, the time might be ripe for a sway edition! :smiley:


Firefox’ configure has an option to choose the default toolkit, to compile with wayland (gtk3) support:
ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-gtk3-wayland
I haven’t tested this yet and I’m not sure whether it’s that what you mean.

There is an AUR package

EDIT. It depends on xwayland, but this does not:

Or you just use mine and set gtk3_wayland to 1 :slight_smile: don’t know if compatible with the KDE patches.

I wonder what desktop, if any, would be a good match with Sway

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