Manjaro Sway Edition iso - sha1 / sha256 sum matching issue

Hello forum.

I recently downloaded the sway iso from the official manjaro download page. The first issue was that the sha1 checksum did not match the one on the website. I downloaded the iso twice for doublechecking giving me the same sha1 checksum in the terminal, but different from the website sha1 sum.

my sha1: 5cdad62cd38537071a7226c7cc161536cfa87a37 manjaro-sway-21.0-210428-linux510.iso
website: b7e8a7e51953e07965155d2f92916dba0bc518a65339c9253642f35156ca3500

Trying to doublecheck with the github page for the downloaded version Release 202104280242 I only found a file with an sha256. This sha256 was different from the one the terminal showed me:

my sha256: 9f96eb16543df12dfded960f108f700714064779519ec27b35dbf247b1fda2c5 manjaro-sway-21.0-210428-linux510.iso

website/sha256 file: b7e8a7e51953e07965155d2f92916dba0bc518a65339c9253642f35156ca3500

Finally, the sha256 checksum from the github page is identical with the sha1 checksum from the manjaro download page. And I get the identical checksum by sha256sum the downloaded zip-file, but not the iso-file.

So, I assume the sha256 from the is probably the right one (?). A short confirmation that this is the right one would be nice.


you want the latest.


Thanks for the reply. The only simple question I have is if the name “sha1” should be changed in “sha256” on the official download page (Manjaro - Sway) or the checksum itself had to be changed in the “correct” sha1. From my perspective it seems that the presented sha1 checksum is the sha256 checksum of the zip file of the actual iso. As it is, it tends to confuse the interested user.


we just disabled the official download page. it redirects to our releases now.