Manjaro sway dual monitor issue

hi i just made an usb manjaro sway and when i booted in there was 2 workspaces and the installer one is in the first one im using an external monitor because my laptop’s screen is broken and i cant see the first workspace i tried using xrandr to disable it but didnt work i got a badmatch error and i cant swap between workspaces so im basically stuck can anyone help?

You have two options:

  1. Move the window to another screen using the command: super+shift+←/→/↑ /↓

  2. Install the wrandr, it’s like arandr, however to wayland.

I would rather recommend wdisplays (can be found in the community repo). In my eyes that’s not only like arandr, but even better. For example you get help lines when placing the displays.

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What made me not recommend wdisplays was the project being archived on github and with more than 2 years without updating.

Yeah, you’re right. But it still works.

Do you mean like

go install

…or do you have any other source? It’s not in AUR as far I can see.