Manjaro suitable for a linux noob?

Hello everybody, I really like the look of Manjaro XFCE. My question is I it easy to learn Manjaro as a newby on linux? I am running Pop os right now. So no arch base system.



Manjaro is fine for inexperienced linux users, its every bit as user friendly as popOS if not more so. There’s gui for most things so the only thing to learn is the package management and this will help

Best advice I can give is setup timeshift or similar app to do regular backups. It is a rolling distro and its important to keep it upto date. Its very rare updates break anything but it is possible so regular backups will help. With a live usb and a backup there’s nothing you won’t be able to fix if you are unfortunate

Thanks for the info, is it also possible to setup swapniness, and fs trim etc for an ssd?

You can set up a swap partition when you install, the installer gives you the option or you can set up a swap file after install at a later date. The amount of swapniness can be set ,there’s a thread on it in the wiki i believe. Fs trim etc can be set as well, there’s a thread on it here

Plus a few others on the forum. I was a long time mint user and very much a newbie on the cli but found manjaro very easy to use

It is recommended to check for announcements when an update is available, in case there is a known issue (with potential fix/workaround) or a manual change to do.

This is still Linux, so you should be able to do same / similar things from PopOS. There is a lot of documentation available if you want to tweak, and of course the present forum if you need help.


Sorry for the thread hijacking. I have been a Windows user all along and have recently switched to Manjaro for the sake of privacy and soothing my paranoia.
I’m running KDE at the moment and can get along just fine with the GUI and the available documentation. However, I remain incompetent once a bug pops up or if a terminal is introduced into the picture.

So, could someone please point out the direction a newbie will have to take to gain expertise with the terminal and with what happens behind the scenes in general?

Not sure if this is what your after but this website gives a good explanation of how linux works

And I found this invaluable for learning the basic linux commands

There’s also lots of information on the manjaro wiki. I’m still very much learning the cli myself but it’s really not as scary as it seems


I think when you type in linux terminal guide in a search engine you get some good tutorials.

Thanks, I have added them to my bookmarks and look forward to learning it bit by bit.

Wish you a great progression :slight_smile:

It’s like this anyway. It took me a couple months just to realize ‘Linux’ was a kernel and a desktop environment was something that could be changed and how things varied from distro to distro. While the documentation/forum-help does the job for when I have an issue here and there, it feels out of the place since I’m jumping all over with workarounds I do not understand.

I bought a handbook recently which helps understand the MAN pages of the Linux kernel. Seemed like a good start but I guess time will be a better judge.


Took me 2 days to realise pacman and pamac were different package managers, I thought it was a typo at first :rofl: