Manjaro Stucks in "starting terminate plymouth boot screen"

I upgraded the system and now manajaro stacks. I have kernel 4.17 and nvida pci graphic video car . If I do Ctr+Alt+F2 to open a terminal, the screen is blinking and after y log in, I write startx and it comes out error terminate with error 1

If you still have plymouth, you should remove it …
Here are a few hints

I want one of those :slight_smile:
Joking aside , are you using free or nonfree drivers ?

I use privative driver of nvidia. video car haha, sorry. I came across that there are 2 files mkinitcpio.conf and mkinitcpio.conf.pacnew and grub and grub.pacnew. I don’t know if this has somethig to do with the problem. Now the Manjaro stucks in : Starting Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service…

In case of the *.pacnew files you need to manually take a look at them and modify accordingly so you don’t lose your configs, but also add the new lines from the pacnew file … make those changes and then run:
sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo update-grub
and reboot

So you are not able to get into desktop at all? What DE is it?

No I am not able to get into desktop. DE? I understand it is display manger that is sddm

Desktop Environment … but if is SDDM that means you are on KDE Plasma DE.
While on Boot Menu, select the kernel you want too boot from and press e to edit … go to linux line and replace quiet and splash with nomodeset then press F10 to continue booting. If that doesn’t work, reboot again and instead use 3 … then press F10 … Once in TTY enter your user and password and run this command:
sudo mv /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf //etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf_BCK
reboot and back to editing the grub boot and add the nomodeset … You should be able to reach the desktop that way… hopefully … Report back so we can take the next step, and make it usable as it was. :slight_smile:

It seems I solved the problem unistaling driver linux 417-nvidia and I install linux417-nvidia390xx. My nvidia videocard is a geforce GTS 450. Thanks bogdancovaciu, the way that you suggest seems very useful too. This thread can markes as solved.
Postdata: I had to install lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils to fix problems with some programs as steam.

Well, i will mark YOUR’s as solution because you took the right road and used the correct driver after all :wink:

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How exactly can I replace the driver while I can't even access my desktop ?!

Please read this about necro-bumb
Create a new topic with your exact issue and someone will address to it.

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