Manjaro stuck loading after grub?

It’s able to display the loading dots after decrypting in grub; I’m using a dualboot system with Windows 10 and Plasma KDE installed and have been able to use kde plasma once and the next startup (the next day) it would refuse to actually fully start and if I remember correctly display the same thing it’s been having now.

To note Manjaro and Windows 10 are partitioned on separate NVME drives with windows being installed first without the second drive and then Manjaro with the second drive mounted. Pressed f12 several times during the loading screen process (the black screen with dots and logo i talked about) not realizing I was supposed to do that right after turning on my PC to get to the boot options for Manjaro and am unsure if i screwed with anything important but would like clarification.

It’s hard to understand you with bad (or lack) punctuation.

Thirst thing: can you get into tty? - you need to establish is that only an issue with graphical interphase or something deeper?

If you get into tty, run some logs like:

journalctl -b-1 -p3 --no-pager

Also, we don’t know what is your hardware and software configuration (which branch, how old are the packages, etc.), so listing the details here would be nice or even necessary.

I don’t recall the proper command for it, so I hope another fellow forum user will remind us what it is :wink: . Anyone? I didn’t need it for so long, I forgot this basic command.

It states here after being dropped into emergency shell that the job control is turned off and i can’t access tty

So you see grub, and then it fails to load and drops to emergency shell?

I guess you need to wait for someone more knowledgeable than me, I’m afraid.

Did you disable in your BIOS “secure boot”?

Quote from Manjaro wiki:
“If you regularly switch between Windows and Linux, you should switch off “hibernation”, “Hybrid Boot”, “Fast Boot” in Windows”

Just did that now including disabling fast startup and making sure hibernation is off, yet manjaro still gets stuck at loading after grub (to note the drive is encrypted in case it’s important).