Manjaro stuck at boot screen after updates (fresh install of OS)


I am currently experimenting with Manjaro in a VirtualBox environment (I am totally new to Arch-based distros).

I just made a fresh install of the latest Manjaro KDE, once I log in for the first time, the system asked me to update multiple packages. I installed all updates and after finishing successfully, the system asked me to restart.
After the restart, I couldn’t reach the login screen and the system is stuck at the boot screen. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. This shouldn’t happen and the system should load successfully every time, especially since I haven’t installed any additional packages.

Any idea how to fix this?

P.S.: I had a similar problem, but that happened after installing some packages, this time it only happened after the fresh install of the OS and the updates (I didn’t install any package for my own use).

The problem is in how VirtualBox configures the hardware for the virtual machine (not the Manjaro OS).
The Graphics Controller of the VirtualBox machine should be set to VBoxVGA. While this option is marked as invalud setting by the software, Manjaro runs smoothly without any probelm after assiging the proper setting.

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