Manjaro stuck after big update (160 files...)

after checking many documentation I used start x through Plymouth and everything looks fine but I always need to open a server X. Has someone idea what could I do? I am adding th pic of the output with the sudo journalctl -p 3 -xb

I would be so happy to have some advices. Thanks!!

Stucked is not a word. Stuck is already the past tense and past participle of stick. It does not require an ed at the end.

Also, learn to copy and paste text output correctly instead of posting screenshots.

Check if you have any .pacnew files relating to pipewire. If you do, merge them into the original config files.

I forgot to say is my first post and english is not my motherthong, I apologize for disturbing you. I just try to solve the problem that I face with experts, and look I have learned to make screenshots without being a computer prodigy like you. If you have nothing to add be quiet. Bye!

I am not so advanced user, I will try to figure it out and check…But after trying some posible solutions my laptop is starting fine. Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind for the future

Hi and welcome to the forum :wave:

Your issue might be solved with this solution from the last update thread.

The forum is used a collection of knowledge, screenshots are hard to search through, so we prefer text to screenshots, it helps us all, you included, find things again. Check out this post how to post console output on the forum.

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