Manjaro stickers...again


I sent this message to @oberon but I think he might be too busy :slight_smile:

So I thought I’d post it here.
I realize others have asked about stickers before, but I’ve found no up-to-date stickers for sale as I write (Dec 21 2018).

I am a new Manjaro user but am really enjoying it. So much so I wanted to add some Manjaro stickers to my laptop. Sadly, I can’t find any and the posts on the forum suggest there aren’t any recent ones. emailed me saying they could make stickers for me.
I have two questions:

  • would Manjaro allow me to use these images?
  • would there be interest in adding these to the shop? The minimum order size is 50 and while I’m happy to pay for mine, I thought perhaps someone else would want some.

If someone knows where to find some, I’d love to hear, and if others are interested, perhaps we can do a group order to stickermule??

In any case, I don’t want to buy any without the Manjaro team’s ok to use their logos.

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I will soon get some stickers printed on aluminium. They will serve to be attached to the Manjaro Laptops on but they could also serve your purpose.


hi @linux-aarhus, thanks for your reply, that would definitely be of interest to me yes, but I’m still looking for those other stickers, would you be interested in them too?
if so, two questions:

  • how can I buy one of those stickers from you?
  • if I get the ok from Manjaro, the minimum nb of stickers from stickermule is 50, would you like to buy some at cost ? (the same goes to anyone else reading this post btw)

So to be very clear, I am not looking to make a profit, simply to show Manjaro some love, and perhaps let other people do the same.

If the quality is good - I think so.

What sizes are you planning on?

Depending on the number it could be as little as the stamps required to mail you :slight_smile:

For the simple logo I was thinking of 2in by 2in in rounded corner stickers, and for the logo text I was thinking of 5in by 2in.
Of course if you’re interested, I’m happy to discuss.

And for the sticker I’d buy from you, well initially I was thinking of just one sticker, but perhaps two in fact, and I’m more than happy to pay you, or if you tell me how much they are, I could trade you the equivalent amount, as I say, I’m not doing this for the money :slight_smile:

I checked with a local sticker guy (Denmark)

5cm x 5cm is ca. $23/50pcs
12cm x 5cm is ca. $23/21pcs

So it seems I can make it a little better and can mail you those you want the rest is put for Manjaro merchandise on above web - I make a one time donation to Manjaro project as I do with the laptops.

What do you say?

The stickers is made in a quality that is usable outside, which you probably will not do with your system, but it tells something about the quality.


Size              Price       Manjaro donation
12cm x 5cm        €2.5/pcs    €1/pcs           vinyl glossy - manjaro logo/text - 
5cm x 5cm         €2/pcs      €1/pcs           vinyl glossy - manjaro logo
3.4cm x 4.8cm     €2/pcs      €1/pcs           aluminium - powered by

Add in some letter postage - from Denmark to ?

Postage from Denmark to World
100g €4
500g €8


I would also be interested in a 5x5 sticker, they look great.

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That sounds awesome!
I’d be up for that absolutely, and in that case how about you get the stickers as you say:

5cm x 5cm is ca. $23/50pcs
12cm x 5cm is ca. $23/21pcs

so 71 stickers total.
Plus 4 of your aluminium stickers.

You then keep as many as you want, and I pledge to pay for those you don’t (including postage to Switzerland)
How does that sound?

All of them?

Please specify how many of them you would like :slight_smile:

? sorry what do you mean by all of them?
what I mean is that if you can get the stickers as described in your message, I’d gladly pay for the ones you don’t want to keep. I’m assuming you’d want to keep maybe half ?

it looks like @torvic might want one too

stickermule has just made me this offer too:

10 (2" x 2") rounded corner stickers $9.00 (USD)
50 (2" x 2") rounded corner stickers $56.00 (USD)

10 (5" x 2") rectangle stickers $10.00 (USD)
50 (5" x 2") rectangle stickers $67.00 (USD)

I would just want three of them.
I already have fhdk’s details for payment so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I got mine off of Etsy, a seller who ships internationally, very cheap. Looks very similar to the OP’s pic above.


Thanks, just ordered six and free shipping to Canada. :wink:


Awesome. I’m interested in two stickers of each size.


This is the image I currently use for our marketing. However, @linux-aarhus stickers look also nice. We can add them to the Denmark shop. At CLT19 we will gift free stickers on our booth :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I won’t be at CLT19 but happy that my thread attracted some attention :slight_smile: Herzlichen Dank für Manjaro!!! sooooooo cool!!! kudos to all the Manjaro Team :rocket: for such an awesome FOSS

Can I join in? I’d like one of each :grinning:

Aluminium sticker for my laptop, bigger sticker for I don’t know yet, and I would love a keyboard sticker to cover the Windows key on my laptop.
A Manjaro starter kit so to speak…

Hi! I’m interested in the Manjaro powered (2pc) and the little vinyl (2pc) how can we do it!?

This one?
It’s very small.

This seems to be the right size to replace the common “Intel inside” type stickers, but it’s the old logo