Manjaro stable not safe?

How is stable safe?

Firefox 80 fix CVE h**tps://

Maybe to know how more security than Firefox?

Link not post… :persevere:

Serious security updates are always pushed out immediately. Non-serious security updates are commonly handled via the normal update cycle, in which Manjaro Unstable follows Arch Stable. From there, things percolate down via Manjaro Testing into Manjaro Stable.

Also, some of the vulnerabilities listed at that link only pertain to Microsoft Windows. GNU/Linux doesn’t work that way. :wink:

I’m afraid that members who are still at Trust Level 0 cannot post links. It’s a security precaution, so as to prevent spam. :man_shrugging:


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I know it is difficult to actually read CVEs, you probably have a lot of things to do.

Note: This issue only affected Windows operating systems. Other operating systems are unaffected.
Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 80 — Mozilla


Linux not affected