Manjaro SSD from Ryzen worked in my Lenovo t430s. Any catches/ things I should change / delete / update?



I sold my Ryzen desktop system in December, but there was some stuff on the drive that I still wanted to work on and also some configurations that I missed.

Last night I put the drive in my Lenovo t430s laptop and tried to boot from it and on first boot it didn’t work. Today I tried again, and it seems to work! I just ran updates.

My question is - Switching from a Ryzen 1700x / rx580 to a Lenovo t430s with 3rd gen Intel and integrated graphics - do I need to do anything to ensure this system will run smoothly?

I also am now using wifi and I’m sure a 2017 motherboard and a 2012 laptop have different networking and other tech - is there anything I should be aware of there?

Sorry, there are my first two non apple computers, and my first two linux systems ever, so transitioning between systems is a very new topic to me. Any tips on that in general would be helpful too.

Thank you.




If you use only free/in-kernel drivers then you can boot a Linux installation on any hardware you like.

This is one way people can use removable USB-based installs.

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Unless you have manually created/edited conf files at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf, or added any module options at /etc/modules-load.d/*,conf or /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf, it is as Jonathon said.

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