Manjaro-specific packages which need an update




Updated in unstable


@Ste74 update please nautilus-admin to 1.1.1.


Done :wink:



Please update Opera Browser to opera 49.0.2725.34

thank you


It’s already updated in manjaro’s unstable branch. Just wait a bit until it arrives in the stable branch too. :slight_smile:


Please update pamac-classic to version 6.6.3


Lumina Desktop 1.4 was released yesterday. I hope it gets to the repositories soon :3


Its working in unstable as of this morning.


Thanks, maybe my mirrors aren’t updated, I’ll try another mirror list


Good, Lumina is very promising, I really like it



gtk3-classic needs an update - it’s currently 3.22.25, gtk3-mushrooms is 3.22.26 (to match gtk3).

I would do it myself but there’s a lot of patching going on. :slight_smile:


ok thanks! will do :slight_smile:


Thank you for updating gtk3-classic!


moka-icon-theme, the default icon theme in the Manjaro GNOME edition, needs to be updated.


Done thank you :wink:


Not sure if these come from Arch or Manjaro, but VLC is now at 2.2.8 we only have 2.2.6 (i dont use nightly build sorry) and also OpenJDK, we have 8u144 and 8u151 is out.


They are both Arch packages, which you can track here

To know if a package is built from Manjaro or Arch look at packager field in pamac, if the email address end with or


@Ste74 gnome-video-arcade is at version 0.8.8 now, anyone is using it in the ISOs?


Hedgewars is out of date (0.9.22, 0.9.23 was released on 2017.11.12)


Hedgewars is an Arch package and is flagged as out-of-date upstream