Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



I’m on it just now :wink:


tanks mate :+1:

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Hi Stefano

Could you rebuild jade-menu-data, I got a new update.

thanks in advance @Ste74 :+1:


Hi @Ste74

When you can, could you rebuild jade-dashboard.


Whille researching today about mail clients for linux, I found out that Geary development is now dead and Pantheon Mail is the fork currently under development.


Last version of Geary has been released in October 2017 and there is some movement (last hours) in the development and

There is a git version of Pantheon Mail in the AUR and one stable realese has been published on github


seems that gnome foundation adopted Geary thanks for sharing :smile:


@Ste74 please update nautilus-admin from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3.


A new version of the arc-theme by NicoHood has been released. It include bugfixex and improvements:


I know… Only i have to play with it for implement our custom modification


@oberon update please menulibre to 2.1.4.


Done :wink:


Manjaro-iso-profile-official need an update, I haven’t checked on github if corrections have been made

For building the Xfce Packages-Desktop had to remove

>extra qpdfview-djvu-plugin
>extra qpdfview-ps-plugin

While are now obsolete:
>multilib gcc-libs-multilib
>multilib gcc-multilib
>extra gtk3-print-backends

and there are OpenRC leftovers, I’ll take a closer look in the next days to see what have already been done and what can be done

I’m on testing branch, building a testing iso


@Ste74 manjaro-webdad-settings needs a rebuild, cheers.


Done :wink:


I assume you mean the binary packages in the repo ? manjaro-iso-profiles-official 17.0.2-5 ?


yes is that


compton-conf from community repo is 0.2.1-5 while the AUR is on 0.3.0-3

EDIT: pull request here


@Ste74 please update menulibre from 2.1.4-1 to 2.1.5

MenuLibre 2.1.5 Menu Editor Adds Budgie & KDE Plasma Support