Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



We import pkgs only if need in our editions or if the pkgs do a function need for our focus :blush:


Are you asking someone to write a PKGBUILD for that, or to maintain the package?


IMHO bspwm-scripts package needs an update. Bspwm changed some of its syntax with 0.9.1 release, but Manjaro bspwm-scripts still has old syntax, so some scripts don’t work anymore.

From 0.9 to 0.9.1


All the commands that acted on leaves can now be applied on internal nodes (including focusing and preselection). Consequently, the window domain is now a node domain. Please note that some commands are applied to the leaves of the tree rooted at the selected node and not to the node itself.


  • All the commands that started with window now start with node.
  • -W|--windows, -w|--window, -w|--to-window are now -N|--nodes, -n|--node, -n|--to-node.


Thank you for reporting. Can you open a issue in bspwm-scripts repo and report which scripts you have noticed to have broken?


Here is new issue


so far the maintainer has not updated
i remember once i sent him an email and he did not like it
if you wish i can keep this package in the Manjaro repo
i have it ready since its first day of release

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Open a PR on our community github repo and then we can build ( if you already tested the pkg )


i am doing something as Ste74 is suggesting with pacui as you can see here (look at the latest pull request):

i fork the manjaro/packages-community repository to my github account. then, i change the (tested) PKGBUILD files of pacui and do a pull request to manjaro/packages-community.

i am not an experienced packager and this way, Ste74 and others can look over my pull requests again. i also do not think that i need submit access to manjaro/packages-community just to maintain 1 package.


@Ste74 and @excalibur1234
ok people…
i do not have much experience in using github
but i will try to do this…
any doubt ask help from you!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Latte-Dock (for KDE, found here) released their 0.7.0 version several hours ago. It’s already been flagged out of date in arch. It’s been about 600 commits since the last release, so I’m excited to see the newest stuff they’ve added. I’m not particularly familiar with how you guys get updates into your system, but I thought I’d make people aware. Thanks for your time and patience.


The actual version of ZEsaruX provided in Manjaro is an outdated one and doesn’t provide support for the “ZX Spectrum Next” as the latest stable version. Can anyone update the package to the latest stable version?



Manjaro don’t provide ZEsaruX, it is an AUR package

The stable package has been flagged out-of-date (by me) and have been updated 5 days ago

The development version have a build error and it has been reported too


There are some updates available for various i3 packages, e.g.

  • i3 is at 4.14, i3-gaps at 4.13.
  • dmenu is at 4.7, dmenu-manjaro at 4.6

Also, i3status-manjaro doesn’t conflict with i3status - should it?


@oberon take a look :wink:


Thanks. I will update i3-wm. For dmenu however I have been waiting for a while now for the needed patches to be updated. The mouse-support patch has been updated by my request to the author. Unfortunately for the other patches (line height and xyw) I have no contacts available.
I have even tried to update them myself but it was over my head.
So at one point I guess we will need to decide if we need to drop those patches or wait longer.
@Chrysostomus what is your take on the matter?


I kinda need xyw, h I can do without.

Can anyone find a changelog for this? is there a reason why it would be desirable to implement this asap?


Here you can see the commits
Everything since 2015-08-11 2015-11-08 is new - sounds more than it actually is :wink: ( << sorry, I mistyped the date!)


The main problem with the patches is that they have messed with options -l and -w …


so, embed + bugfixes? Just tried embedding. Pretty neat, but I suspect it is mosty useful if you script to extend surf or something. I’m gonna need to rewrite some scripts to use right flags when we update this…

I use xyw(h) to make popup menus with dmenu. Also, narrow dmenu is a keypart of the look of bspwm edition, for application auncher and networkmanager “applet”. So I would really like to keep xyw. I suggest we hold the update until the patch authors update the patch. It is featured in dmenu page, so it is likely to get an update sooner or later. I don’ t think the features of the update are so important that we should be in a hurry. Dmenu works nicely enough in the old version…

I would like to try fixing the patches mysef, but realistically speaking I don’t have the requisite time/skill for it.


I agree. We can adopt some cherry-picked patches of course. Problem is that just the embed commit creates the mess with flags as far as I remember … :wink: