Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



it seems until v2.9.5 of qscintilla the lib name from upstream was qscintilla2 and arch/fedora applied a patch to have
qscintilla2(qt4 version) and qscintilla2-qt5
and since V2.10 (since 26.02.2017), upstream changed and now set the name to qscintilla2_qt$${QT_MAJOR_VERSION} and arch don’t apply the patch anymore
it may change again in future… who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, create a patch and apply . This evening upload in boxit… :slight_smile:


Well juffed-qt5 is in unstable and also @FadeMind your bumblebee patch :wink:


Is not my. It is upstream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What do you mean? @Ste74


:grin: my misunderstanding :sweat_smile: :yum:


@Ste74, the package glxinfo is gone from Manjaro repos, I don’t know in which repo it was.


Hi @eugen-b , is a part of mesa-demos pkg … you see here ?


Now pacman file search works, so it is easy:

% pacman -Fs glxinfo
extra/mesa-demos 8.3.0-2


Hey there,

The Atom text editor have a new stable version, the 1.17.0, I thought that today update (2017-05-19) would bring it to the distribution, but it didn’t, so I decided to post it here :smile:


As I can see at Archpage atom 1.16.0-1 is flagged out-of-date from 2017-05-16, so I assume that will be upgraded in the coming days to 1.17.0.


dropbox is out of date (also the AUR package has the same problem).


Done :wink:


playonlinux is out of date i think, the new version is 4.2.11


Gtk-Youtube-Viewer is outdated. The version in the repo is 3.2.2 while the current version of this package is 3.2.8.
Package on repo:
Package releases:

Note that there’s a Youtube-Viewer package, but that package doesn’t include the Gtk-Youtube-Viewer gui.


@balo Payonlinux is an Archlinux pkgs , already flagged out of date
@Melvinkooi Gtk-Youtube-Viewer was added by Sonar Linux Dev , i don’t know if we really need this pkg . I think i can move out of our repos if anyone of our @Maintainers and @Manjaro-Team use it .


dropbox is out of date, they have a fast developing team :grin:




Hello, is there a kind soul to compile the latest stable version of ZEsaruX emulator for Manjaro?
Sources here:


hi all,
i would like to know if it is possible to update JWM package.

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


The Arch JWM package was flagged out-of-date 2017-04-25. The proper course of action would probably be to ask the Arch maintainer to update it, then everyone benefits.