Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



libcpuid 0.4.1 got released two weeks ago by upstream. Last official release was more than two years ago. lol

@philm We currently have libcpuid 0.4.0.r38.g57298c6-1 in repos. If you still want to maintain it, this package will need a rebuild, and perhaps i-nex will need a rebuild too.

The only thing that needs libcpuid in repo is I-Nex according to pacman -Sii libcpuid.


Welp. Sorry for double posting I guess?

Several thing to update.


Timeshift has been out of date for about a month now. The AUR has version 19.01 and Manjaro repos have 18.9


Right. @Ste74 has been quite busy lately :slight_smile: I will update timeshift right now.


slick-greeter and lightdm-settings updated in unstable :+1:


Could you upload the PKGBUILD you used for this one on Gitlab? :slight_smile:


The kernel module 8723bu seems to be out of date. With the last kernel update I lost wifi and downgrading the kernel fixed it. @fhdk


Thanks - I did miss that one.

I am in the hope that @philm finds time to include the module on kernel build.

I will push to unstable in a couple of minutes.

  • for kernel 4.19.24-1
  • for kernel 4.20.11-1

The fast mirrors is updated in 5-10 minutes.


(From this thread: Pacaur - has it been forked?)
Extra repository has pacaur 4.7.90-1 which depends on cower 18-1.
Original developer abandoned pacaur but there is a fork that is maintained:
It is in the AUR: 4.8.2-1
It moved from cower backend to auracle (written anew by the developer of cower).

So maybe it makes sense to remove old cower, add auracle to Manjaro repository and update pacaur.


Thank you i’m look into it :wink:


for return manjaro packages list (986 !)

LANG=C pacman -Si | awk -F: '/^Name/ {name=$2} /^Pack.* {print name" \t "$2}'


It would be nice when Pamac would start with the search-bar open already. That is probably the way most people will start using it, searching for a package. And even when you don’t use the search, there is no downside to have it open, right?
So, if this could be implemented it would mean a mouse-click less.


Just start typing and the search bar will appear automatically.


snapd 2.37.4 is available.



When I was playing around with vala-panel-appmenu (xfce version) some time ago, I noticed that upstream is at 0.7.1, whilst the packages in the repos are at 0.6.94. The repository on gitlab seems to be more up to date than the github mirror.
In addtion vala-panel-appmenu-xfce has xfce4-panel as a dependency, therefore it conflicts with
xfce4-panel-gtk3. I edited the package build of the AUR package to accept xfce4-panel-gtk3 and was able to confirm it working with xfce4-panel-gtk3.


Thank you, I did not know that? Are there more hidden secrets?


Seem i have lost this migration :sweat_smile: an update coming soon in our repo :relieved:



Ping to @Ste74. Please can you consider updating copyq in unstable. Most recent version in unstable is 3.7.1, released on 29-11-2018. Most up-to-date version from github is 3.7.3, released 27 days ago. 3.7.3 (and 3.7.2) brings in some good bugfixes.

On Arch community, it’s 3.7.3-1.

Thank you kindly!



Yep, tonight do all is needed :grinning: