Manjaro-specific packages which need an update




mint-themes is now at 1.7.8


@Ste74 I noticed on updating to timeshift-18.9.1-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz that I get the following error in post install:

/tmp/alpm_xEPUW1/.INSTALL: line 25: syntax error: unexpected end of file
/usr/bin/bash: post_upgrade: command not found
error: command failed to execute correctly

Looking at the .INSTALL script, I believe there is a missing } after echo “” on line 14:

        enable_cronie() {
	systemctl enable cronie
  	echo ""
  	msg "Cronie services should now be enabled."
  	msg "Reboot your system, so changes will take affect."
  	echo ""

I am using the unsatble branch.


thanks. updated.


Thank you, rel 4 is online… typo error sorry :roll_eyes:


@fhdk ipscan at 3.5.4


Thank you for pinging me - Updated package v3.5.5 in unstable.



update-notifier has only yaourt as AUR helper in optional dependencies, but it support also trizen, yay and pacaur since months.


in repo the version is 1.4.8 and the latest is 1.4.9 .Change Log


Weird … etcher isnt in normal arch repos, but we dont seem to have it in our gitlab :-/

But anyways … its on 1.4.9 in Unstable right now.



be careful with repo etcher , check git , version also


(From this thread)
snapd package needs an update. We currently have 2.36.2-1.0 on Testing and Stable, 2.36.3 is available on AUR.

snapd-git is even more out of date, being at 2.34.689-1 (why is this in the repo in the first place?).

Upstream recommends to use AUR to install snapd instead of repo because “it’s outdated”:

@jonathon @philm

Snapd has been updated in the AUR

Inxi is at v 3.0.30

faba-icon-theme and moka-icon-theme imported in Arch Community from AUR 1 2


It seems that thunar-volman-gtk3 is both in extra and community repositories. I think it should be removed from community.

Repository      : extra
Name            : thunar-volman-gtk3
Version         : 0.9.0-1

Repository      : community
Name            : thunar-volman-gtk3
Version         : 0.8.1-1


amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk could be updated when there is time for it.

the current one from provides Vulkan 1.1.96 while the one in the repo provides Vulkan 1.1.82

The source mentioned in the PKGBUILD lists 2.68 as current while in the repo, it is 2.63