Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



pdf2img-c needs to be updated or removed because it does not work.

pdf2img: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Upstream seems completely dead. When I click on the URL, I just get an error 404.

Build date: 2015-07-13, oh boy.

It’ll most likely be deleted.


Yep. Checking it’s not present in the Arch repo’s and the AUR package was flagged out of date on 2016-11-22. Guessing it was missed that it was removed upstream.


I think xviewer should be rebuild against exempi 2.5.0. @oberon

[Testing Update] 2019-01-27 - Kernels, Browsers, CertBot, Deepin, Wine

Confirmed on Testing.

[awesome@i56400 ~]$ xviewer
xviewer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Will do. Thank you.


Why? Firefox is in unstable repos.

Unless you are referring to the x32 build of course …


65 was released at least a day before it was built in Arch. I’m normally slightly ahead of Arch for that.


Who is this unknown, masked packager … :wink: … ?

Name            : firefox
Version         : 65.0-0
Packager        : Unknown Packager


Chinese hackers took over Manjaro’s repositories. We’re doomed. :scream:


“Imagescan” has recently moved from AUR to community. It is missing a desktop file so no menu entry. Also to access a network printer it needs a “networkscan” file also missing, note this was also missing in the AUR version. Think I pinched it from one of the other imagescan packages.


Regarding upstream Archlinux packages issues would need to be reported directly there :sunglasses:


snapd is due for an update. Upstream and AUR are at 2.37.2, we are at 2.37.

Our snapd is potentially affected by a vulnerability, but the guidances provided by upstream are not really that clear and I can’t figure out if we are actually affected or not.

Anyway, security or not, it is due for an update.


Snap is nightmare of Linux Security - dirty_sock exploit

I’m going to disown that package. I don’t use it, I didn’t add it to Manjaro.

I’ve updated the package files on GitLab, so can some other @Maintainers please pick it up?


…its in the aur ? does it need to be picked up ?
( this has the added benefit of dispelling that weird ‘well if I use snaps I avoid aur so its safer’ thing )


It’s in the AUR, someone added it to the Manjaro repos but didn’t keep it updated so the upstream project said to use the AUR versions instead, it was flagged here, I updated the package once, and now people ping me every time the package needs to be updated.

I don’t mind packaging stuff I use. I don’t use snapd (and never have).


Lol sorry for pinging you.

Mh if no one is interested to maintaining it and keep up with upstream/AUR, I think it should just be dropped. It might be disappointing for users that actually uses snapd, but it’s better to drop it and let them use AUR than just letting it rot in the repo.

If it gets dropped, it would be a good idea to mention it in the announcement once it’s become effective in Stable.


lightdm-settings and lightdm-slick-greeter are out-of-date


In a future step we will integrate a full store into Pamac to have a nice graphical UI for snaps

If Manjaro genuinely supports snaps then it should be in the Manjaro repos.

I don’t use snaps either, can’t see myself every using them either, but obviously some do.


@philm fancontrol-gui needs update.repo version doesnt work while aur git version works