Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



Looks like dbus has been updated to 1.12.12, so dbus-x11 needs an update too. I believe Manjaro provides that one.


Mint-themes is now at 1.7.4
X-apps suite is now at 2.0.1


Thanks a lot for the heads-up. :+1:
Everything updated on unstable branch now.


I think gnome-terminal-fedora is due for an update. In Stable and Testing, we have 3.30.1-1. @ste74 Is it still maintained?

Also, is there a reason why polkit has been held back at 0.114-1.1 since April 2018?


Information obtained with pacman -Dkk

plasma5-themes-menda seems unmaintained and his dependency breeze-kde4 is no longer in repositories.

A dependency for manjaro-openbox-theme-17.0 is missing from repositories (manjaro-wallpaper-17.0), maybe it can be removed? (the package or the dependency from the PKGBUILD)

gimp-devel is out of date, it was a “preview” for v2.10 initially, nowadays there is no reason for its existence.
beshell, it is dated back to 2013 :rofl: and it is missing a dependency (kdelibs).
razor-qt same as above, it is missing polkit-qt.

kde-servicemenus-dropbox is in repositories, but dropbox is not, I think they should be together only in the AUR.
deepin-artwork-themes-manjaro is missing its dependency deepin-artwork-themes.
linux-rt-manjaro-rt3562sta is missing its dependency linux418-rt-rt3562sta.
linux418-rt-nvidia-304xx is missing its dependency nvidia-304xx-utils=1:304.137.
manjaro-fluxbox-settings is missing its dependency xfce-theme-greenbird.

gnome-video-arcade is missing its dependency sdlmame.


yes, rename sldmame to mame

nextcloud-testingis stuck at 13.0.0beta3, packaged one year ago. new version 15.0 has been released and updated in Arch some days ago.
Drop it?


Thank you. Package removed from unstable and will be removed entirely.



X-apps suite is now at 2.0.2

xed has been imported in Arch



[New Packages]


@jonathon it looks like snapd is out of date. The AUR has 2.36.2.


I knew I shouldn’t have packaged the last version. Now I’m responsible for packaging it forever… :sleepy:

OK, packaged and uploaded to unstable. This version enables apparmor support, no idea what that will mean.



mint-themes is now at 1.7.8


@Ste74 I noticed on updating to timeshift-18.9.1-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz that I get the following error in post install:

/tmp/alpm_xEPUW1/.INSTALL: line 25: syntax error: unexpected end of file
/usr/bin/bash: post_upgrade: command not found
error: command failed to execute correctly

Looking at the .INSTALL script, I believe there is a missing } after echo “” on line 14:

        enable_cronie() {
	systemctl enable cronie
  	echo ""
  	msg "Cronie services should now be enabled."
  	msg "Reboot your system, so changes will take affect."
  	echo ""

I am using the unsatble branch.


thanks. updated.


Thank you, rel 4 is online… typo error sorry :roll_eyes:


@fhdk ipscan at 3.5.4


Thank you for pinging me - Updated package v3.5.5 in unstable.



update-notifier has only yaourt as AUR helper in optional dependencies, but it support also trizen, yay and pacaur since months.


in repo the version is 1.4.8 and the latest is 1.4.9 .Change Log


Weird … etcher isnt in normal arch repos, but we dont seem to have it in our gitlab :-/

But anyways … its on 1.4.9 in Unstable right now.