Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



Hello. I’m a bit of a noob and not 100% sure that this is the right place to ask, if not I apologize in advance. I’m curious about the package “snapd”. Manjaro has version 2.34.3 while the latest one is 2.43. Any idea if this is known and looked at? As far as I can see the outdated version is in both stable, testing and unstable repos.


I see 2.35.5 on their releases page:

It’s not 2.43 (not sure where you’re getting that version) but the package still needs updating.

Edit: 2.35.5 now in unstable and x32-unstable.


Oh my bad, I guess I misunderstood (
I followed the link from the Manjaro webpage and found this page that I figured was for looking at these sort of things and it lists 2.43 as the latest version but I suppose this has to do with something completely different. Not exactly sure what metapackages are even.

The original reason for my concern was that I wanted to install Snap and their webpage told me that it was out of date in Manjaro repos and should not be used so ignore my version statement. (


That’s just great - instead of simply letting someone know that the package needs an update, the snapcraft project decides to officially point people to the AUR instead. :roll_eyes:


Yea indeed, I thought that was odd as well :thinking:

What is it that the repology site is telling me btw, Why does it say that the newest available version is 2.43? Is this page not used to check versions in different repos of the distros listed? or did I completely misunderstand the purpose of the site?


It appears there’s something called “snapd” in a repo called “wikidata”: . What “wikidata” is though :man_shrugging:


I see, that’s funny and strange. Anyway thanks for your response and info :slight_smile:


This still:


That’s sorted for unstable. It will make its way through in due course.


I am not able to install dmd (which is in the repos). It tries to download it, together with libphobos, but it fails, probably because it is trying to download outdated package versions.

Thank you!


dmd and libphobos are at the same version as Arch (both at 1:2.082.1-1) and install fine here on Manjaro Stable

Which error give?
Do you have updated your mirror list?

@jonathon I think this should be moved back to his own topic (packages are imported from Arch and ‘it works for me’ )


Can someone either sync from upstream Arch or rebuild this, its been out of date for a while.


I’ve cleared the overlay package. It must have been there for some reason, but it’s not in the GitLab sources so it can’t be important.


Don’t know where to post this so posting here.

At first look, Virtual Machine Manager (virt-install) looks like the GUI application but it’s not. It is the command line version while virt-manager is the GUI application. It is also described in a very confusing way. You won’t know which to install if you want the GUI app.


The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt.

virt-install is a command line tool which provides an easy way to provision operating systems into virtual machines.

It needs to be retitled and described better.
The icon also makes it look like a GUI app.

Rename Virtual Machine Manager (virt-install) to just virt-install.
Rename virt-manager to Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) or just virt-manager.


Fedora released a new version of gnome-terminal. It is now at version 3.30.1

@oberon can you build the new version of gnome-terminal-fedora and make it available in the community repo? The packages vte3-notification and vte-notification-common probably need an update too.


The mirror list is updated.
It looks for libphobos-1:2.082.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
but there is a new version in the repositories. Then it says that it does not find the older version. The same with dmd


Change mirror and update pacman database


There are 3 python packages which are named incorrectly, name should be python instead of python3

  • python3-memoizedb
  • python3-xcgf
  • python3-xcpf

Amarok has not yet been updated


gamemode has been reported as not working. [Gaming] Feral Interactive releases GameMode tool

Repository version is 1.1+2+gedcefb3-1 from 12/05/18 whereas the Github version is now at 1.2.


The spectre-meltdown-checker in the Manjaro repository is a little bit behind. The current release at is version 0.40.

Spectre-meltdown checker