Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



pamac-classic has to been updated to v. 6.7.0


The patch for libalpm is already included in release 2 of pamac 6.6.4


Ok, I missed that, thank you!


Does faenzaflattr still need to be in the repos? does it still work?

Apparently all the boxit pacakges still point to

gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu should point to new gitlab:

i3scrot needs to point to ‘classic’ -
same for isousb -
(if indeed those are still the right places to go)

fisherman should probably point to


@oberon The AUR helper yay in the repository is out of date. The latest version is 8.922 on Github. Please update yay to the last stable version.


Thanks. Updated on unstable branch. :+1:



New versions of some X-Apps available from upstream:

Pix 1.8.2 (We have 1.8.1 in repo):
Xed 1.8.3 (We have 1.8.1 in repo):
XPlayer 1.8.3 (We have 1.8.2 in repo):


Thank you. Done.




Hi @Ste74, @oberon
Please update unite-shell-gnome-extension (version 16)
Version 18 released out in AUR.


for couriosity I tried to install mintstick from community repo, but could not resolve dependency for python2-pyparted wich is not in repos, only in AUR. Maintainer is @fhdk . If we want to keep it in community repo, we should resolve dependency.


I discovered today the packages had disappeared from the repos so I have just uploaded the rebuild packages to unstable and testing.

Which branch are you on?


I m out now… I come back on 13/8… (holiday time) if not already rebuild i can do it after this date…


I’m on testing.


What advantage have mint stick comparated isotousb and imagewriter? As i can see is only a program write in python no longer maintained by Mint team ( since not have write a good readme in Mint repository)


Looks still maintained according to the Github repository.

It just doesn’t have a good and complete readme. lol


It is reliable.
It is reasonably fast.
It does not write to your hard drive by accident.
It can format a stick
It uses polkit


Don’t know, just wanted to try (for our mint newcommers).


O.K., got it. That was fast. Now I can try out if it works for manjaro isos.


It does - which is why I use it.