Manjaro-specific packages which need an update



OK thx for the answer and sorry, not used to the differences, I’ll take a closer look in the future.


In pamac go into package details, look at packager field, if the email address end with is packaged by a Manjaro team memeber


Next packages needing to be updated:

mugshot 0.3.2-1
xcursor-breeze 1.0-2

Regarding to AUR newer are available:

mugshot 0.3.2-4
xcursor-breeze 1:5.10.5-1


Since is only a cursor theme i don’ t think is it most changed …
for mugshot i see only a patch added for a icons missing …
@oberon can you take a look into here


Themes are too primitive for upgrade indeed. But in one point you discover that mouse cursor on your fresh up-to-date system looks like old swab. :slight_smile:

Specifically there are some more cursors added to the package, maybe something changed too. I think it’s worth to upgrade.


Thank you, updated both mugshot and xcursor-breeze on unstable branch right now :slight_smile:


Just checked on the basis of AUR that mugshot current release is 4 not 2. Can you recheck ?


We don’t follow the release of aur or arch if we adopt a pkg… Don’t worry… The pkg is up to date now… :wink:


Hi guys

Could somone, rebuild Jade-dashboard, thanks.


I’m on it just now :wink:


tanks mate :+1:

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Hi Stefano

Could you rebuild jade-menu-data, I got a new update.

thanks in advance @Ste74 :+1:


Hi @Ste74

When you can, could you rebuild jade-dashboard.



Radare2 2.2.0 was released some time ago and doesn’t seen to be neither on Testing or Unstable branch, can you, guys, look at it?



It’s an Arch package, and it’s flagged out-of-date:


Whille researching today about mail clients for linux, I found out that Geary development is now dead and Pantheon Mail is the fork currently under development.


Last version of Geary has been released in October 2017 and there is some movement (last hours) in the development and

There is a git version of Pantheon Mail in the AUR and one stable realese has been published on github


seems that gnome foundation adopted Geary thanks for sharing :smile:


@Ste74 please update nautilus-admin from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3.