Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

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ckbcomp is out of date. The package is currently at 1.175-1, which ships a version that is at least one year old.

Upstream is at version 1.193.

Last packager is @oberon.

According to pacman -Sii, here's the packages that depends on ckbcomp.

[awesome@i56400 Joel]$ pacman -Sii ckbcomp
Repository      : extra
Name            : ckbcomp
Version         : 1.175-1
Description     : Compile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for
                  loadkeys or kbdcontrol
Architecture    : any
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL2
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : perl
Optional Deps   : None
Required By     : calamares  calamares-git  keyboardctl

Thanks. Updated.

Linux 5.2 RT available.


Yes I'm at it, thanks! Normally I wait für the 1st patch update before switching oder basekernel, but seems it takes longer this time and with our current still being at 5.0... I think we should go ahead :wink:

Sorry for not posting here first. @Ste74 will have to do a little update on brisk menu : [Announcement] Brisk Menu 0.6.0 for Mate is out.

Done in unstable :wink:

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@Ste74 why did you downgrade kvantum-theme-matcha to 20190613-1?
I have an issue in virtualbox interface with this version which the previous one (the newest one) had resolved. Now the issue is back.
I'm using gnome.
Could you upgrade it please?

It probably due to this:

But I cannot reproduce, and the xfce-rc has only been bootable for me 1/3 times .. with graphical glitches throughout (but not that which was described by philm there)

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You have to boot it in fullscreen mode as VirtualBox acts currently out. Maybe use Gnome Boxes, which also shows the error.

I was just using a liveusb

I might have found it ...

I tested your fix and it seems to launch calamares
(though it cant function properly from a normal install it seems - services-systemd module)

[EDIT - I was speaking to calamares yaml fix ... but noticing the opaque patch for the kvconfig files I went ahead and pushed those up - I still havent been able to test myself, but I assume its good :wink:]

@philm, @Ste74 kvantum-theme-matcha 20190810-1 fixed the issue I had with virtualbox interface. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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is outdated needs update

Several requests. I will ping the latest packager according to Pamac.

  • mint-themes : Upstream is at version 1.8.2. We have 1.8.1. @schinfo
  • lightdm-slick-greeter: Upstream is at version 1.2.7. We have 1.2.6. @ste74
  • lightdm-settings: Upstream is at version 1.2.8*. We have 1.2.5. @oberon

*: If I see the commits for LightDM Settings, there is supposedly a version 1.2.9 that exists, but upsteam has not done a "proper" release of it on GitHub. Looking at the commits, the only significant change between 1.2.8 and that mysterious 1.2.9 release is that they modified how something was done for the sake of compatibility with Python3 < 3.6 (LMDE has Python3 3.5 according to this commit), so normally nothing important for us. Therefore, we should be fine with LightDM Settings 1.2.8.

fix for vulnerability KDE

mint-themes is at 1.8.2 and already in unstable

the packages for those that aren't appended -gtk3 have been updated. if that means they are now gtk3, perhaps the ones with the specific name are now redundant?

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