Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

Last time I tried (January) it made things worse, like in some games where unable to launch, while others work just fine and I was more playing around with the switches inside the LSI config windows, then in steam itself :joy: But could be that this is related to the AUR pkg of LSI somehow. For myself, I couldnt find any benefit in it.

It works fine for me on Solus, they use the latest upstream version from clear linux.
If you like to add it, I would be willing to test it on unstable.

The benefit of this project isn't always visible, but in some cases it helps with game bugs, like fixing incorrect shader assets in ARK because of broken water surfaces.

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Ok let me see :wink:

trizen is 1.48 in repos, trizen is 1.58 in AUR, needs a rebuild.

TLP? 1.2 is out.

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1.58 is now in unstable.


Packages that need to be updated:



Any consideration for pushing these back to AUR?

It seems like any browsers we keep in the repos should be regularly updated for security reasons. If we aren't dedicated to it, why not let it fall back to AUR?


I agree. If Brave remains in the Manjaro repos it should receive the same treatment as Firefox and Chromium (IMHO), which are regularly updated for security reasons.

I will remove the beta and update the regular brave package.

Change of plan: Will remove both brave packages for now and @philm can have a look at the PKGBUILD and reconsider when he has time ... it would need some adjustments. :wink:


1.2.1 is in unstable. See also:


Once the iso profiles for M-A are synced I'll test it, thanks.

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Not sure if my request valid as there hasn't been a point release. There was a recent bug fix in Octopi (git) to sort out the annoying sync problem. Are we able to reflect this fix in our own repo package?

Also, please please please can we remove xterm as a hard dependency? It is no longer required as Octopi offers an integrated terminal through qtermwidget.

Many thanks

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Pacaur is now at 4.8.0

and you want what , a downgrade ? last tag is 4.8.6 as here in testing
this manjaro package use tags and not releases

EDIT: in stable we have 4.8.4

Cool, I'm on stable. The latest release was showing as 4.8.0 in github. My mistake.

check if its possible , may required specific version for ABI compiler

Check if what's possible? zstd is in the Arch core repo, why are you posting this here? It's already updated to 1.4.0 in Arch Testing.