Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

@oberon, numix is up to 2.6.7 and your numix-themes-archblue is at 2.5.1. for the most part i don't care, but it might be worthwhile if it has advanced enough to lose the gtk-engine-murrine dependency.

xfce-theme-greybird is now at v3.22.11 which now includes a dark theme.

The clang standard libraries libc++, libc++abi and libc++experimental are still at version 8 instead of 9 like the other llvm packages.

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Last packager is @jonathon, but unfortunately, he is not very active nowadays.

Can someone maintain the package again, or simply remove it from repos if it is deemed not useful anymore and let people simply use AUR instead? @philm @oberon @ste74 @schinfo

The three packages are no longer needed for Manjaro, so we deleted them in unstable

If you'd like to delete some more packages :blush:

gamemode / lib32-gamemode is now at v1.5.

Last packager is @philm.

dbus-x11 just been updated in unstable and won't upgrade because of dbus dependencies .
Fixed now it has been updated again

The libc++ packages were added as they took awfully long time to install on old machines like mine. They happen to be a dependency for some aur packages. More info on this post.

Well if it was removed even after these things were considered, excuse my request.

edit: In the request post I linked, someone on the team mentions the list of packages depending on libc++ and hints at them being likely to grow.

the aur package they were added for was discord, which there is no longer a need to build from the aur. it's in arch's community repository and we inherit it from them.

@GeoZac it is in the ArchChina repo, snag it from there.

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Actually, it was added mostly to ease the installation of Discord (which is a very popular application, and it needed libc++ at the time), and back then, there was like one post per day that was something like "HOW DO I INSTALL LIBC++ IT FAILS THE PGP VERIFICATION I CAN'T INSTALL DISCORD MANJARO SOOKZ."

snapper-gui looks like it needs a rebuild against Python 3.8

Linux5.5.1 is already out.
Please upgrade from 5.5.0

It's available in the unstable branch, see Manjaro Repo Compare.

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Yes, it is now. :slight_smile:

And it's out of date again :grin:

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Nerd Fonts v2.1.0 is out. We have:

  • nerd-fonts-noto-sans-mono
  • nerd-fonts-terminus
  • ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols
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